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  1. Last BBQ I talked to someone there about 521 headlight buckets. If you remember having that conversation with me let me know please.. didn't get a name or number but I will be in the bay area today and headlights would make the drive home easier.. also.. when's the next BBQ!!??
  2. Due to the fact that we have moved to an area without available internet service, my posts are going to be limited and void of pics...You can view the progress of the build on IG #svo521
  3. Well I managed to piece a brake hardware kit together, and have been driving the shit out of my truck again(1000 miles the other weekend) but it is going to be down again soon for an unknown amount of time....... Today I bought a 96 v8 thunderbird with a blown head gasket for $100 :-) disc brakes 8.8 IRS and according to tag on door 3.27 LSD!!!!!!!!! to be continued........
  4. sounds like end play not enough should be able to shake the push rod between mc and pedal with piston completely seated against snap ring.
  5. this one is way too close by not to at least make it for lunch!! :devil: :devil: :thumbup: Pending U.S.B. Unless Something Breaks
  6. yeah got 2 autozones.. thats where i got my last set, but they can't get anymore. If they can get a set where you are get em please!!! i get paid friday and can wire you some cash lol Even tried a part number search at both locations. Sent an email to wagner brakes to see about buying direct but have not heard back.......getting to work without it for now, but if I don't find a kit soon I'll just have to start looking for a mark 8 or t-bird to get the IRS from. far more affordable than a 4 link and explorer 8.8
  7. There seems to be a 521 rear brake hardware shortage..... found a return spring kit on rock auto but it doesn't have the pins caps and springs for shoes.... amazon shows a wagner part number h17111 available but says ships in 1 to 2 months :sick: :sick: :poop: wasn't planning to axle swap this thing yet but I don't want to disc swap a weak axle.
  8. .................wife has to bring a puppy she sold to someone in Manteca this friday. Hotel room is booked. Planning to bring my truck B) :poop: :devil:
  9. screen shot on windows image hosting site got it mostly tuned up to 9 psi, but I need to replace the clutch soon. It will slip if I get boost in 5th worse on hills. It has never been changed that I know of so it is probably well over due anyway. stock replacement costs $98 for clutch kit $55 for new flywheel!!! not too bad :thumbup: Finally landed a job. Nothing glamorous but it's great exercise and consistent hours(off weekends= meets,meets,meets) and I have worked for them twice in the past lol. It has been 7 years or more but I can still whip a Toro around with one hand.
  10. how to screen capture photo uploading websites print screen windows xp much better image hosting no register upload pictures free upload pic charge pipes built! upload image free post image just need to get down pipe attached to rest of exhaust system and it's done!!
  11. Back on the road driving it NA until we weld up the charge pipes tomorrow!!!!
  12. is the extra 100 worth having it sooner and with slightly less peace of mind attached? either way it seems fairly good deal for a rebuild.
  13. Won't have drive shaft back till monday.........
  14. drive shaft is at shop getting 2 inches added. If they are done with it by friday and I have enough gas money after paying for it, I just might make the maiden voyage on Saturday Datslocos!!!!!!!
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