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  1. Yes, you can bring and drink alcohol, it is a state park so whatever rules the park sets will be enforced .
  2. I told a lead mod here I wouldn't post in this thread , And I never seem to get down in text what I mean to say . So if you have issue with the way the school got paid ( which they did ) or the way it was handled . You are welcome to call 541-221-8966 . I will be glad to share with anyone all of the information involving the donation and above mentioned versions of events . All I wanted was to have fun building a great truck with people I admired and the whole thing has gone crazy . I did my best to control a insane project , I regret nothing about the people I met and the things that happened . I'm sorry if I let you down ,please contact 541-221-8966
  3. There isn't one , the route into the show has a couple really small ones. The campgrounds only has a couple small ones as well .
  4. denmarkboy

    Hwy 101,Pacific City Fun Run. July 17th, 2016

    I completely agree with that Loren . I personally can not go to Washington this weekend . And would completely encourage all that have the ability to honor his memory by driving to that get together do so . Nothing is more important than paying respect to those who have done so much for the hobby . For all those in the area of the Oregon coast line on the 17th, we will be meeting all up and down the coast as we Cruise to pacific city .
  5. denmarkboy

    LI'l HOOKER 620

    Hilarious ! She can definitely take two of us for a ride we'll never forget .
  6. It will be roughly 20 a night , with 7 added for extra vechiles . So roughly 50 for the weekend/ 2 nights of camping .
  7. Lol , I'm a dam equipment operator , not a writer . Last year I got corrected that the ,1 st one should be called the annagural . So this (2017)would be the 1 st yearly/annual meet . I guess ?
  8. bring your life jackets !
  9. denmarkboy

    LI'l HOOKER 620

    :rofl: A virgin she is not ! :devil:
  10. Thanks for stating your view Steve . I never wrote " you cant or dont have fun with your datsun without us " nor have I said it . I have stated and proved , for us ( in Oregon ) that many people like having a fun run every month. And like being encouraging to use their cars and trucks more . And they are having fun doing it . And in that process we have brought attention to the hobby in OUR area . And to ratsun for that matter . The proof is right here , in the members we encourage to come here ( Ratsun ) . People like rhino, hogie , brohemius , harlow , diego and many more that were not active here as members on ratsun before they began doing things with Datslocos Oregon . I spent 10 + years in my area without one show or fun run . So what works for us doesn't mean it is ment to work for everyone. But I can assure you that we will keep having meets and fun runs and more shows. Its a community , that I've tried to support over and over again. And I will continue to do so, because I love Datsun's and the people that own them . HAPPY DATSUNING , SEE YA OUT THERE ! DATSLOCOS OREGON PRES . DENMARKBOY
  11. Datslocos Oregon's 1st annual Rats with Dats , July 14-16 2017 . Like this year we will be offering camping & car show with events and fun for the whole family . This year the location will be much less remote , but twice as much to do . Some of the fun offered : paddle boat rentals , swimming , showers , sail boat rentals , late night movies , wifi , cell phone service , and of course bonfires , live band , free coffee and muffins for those camping . We will be adding more contact and reservation info to our website soon . For now here are few pictures .
  12. It wasn't me :angel: ! here are couple pictures of the hitachi shot put , trophy winners . and some random shots . my burnout video is going to have to wait for a dry day . and of course the firewood crew , we almost burnt threw 6 cords in 3 days between 21 campsites and 2 day shelters .
  13. Locking this thread is not an option , you posting mis information and hate wont change where the club is going or where the show will go . I'm not happy that we see things from different perspectives on the truck and raffle funds . But you wrong about the outcome , the money raised was donated. Money that had nothing to do with you or you buying the truck , but you believe what you want. You were never plan A or B or any other option . I could have sold the truck for much more than you paid. And if you dont want to move forward then move on . This thread was created to share an event presented by Datslocos Oregon . Not lets play what thread can jrock lock today . So take your opion and move on . Its not fact nor is it welcome here . Im sure you must have a thread somewhere that needs the attention you so desperately desire .
  14. denmarkboy

    Hwy 101,Pacific City Fun Run. July 17th, 2016

    I will post a route map from eugene to florence , and up 101 from there . looks like a 2 1/2 hour drive one way for us . But it will be up the most beautiful part of the coast .

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