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Wink mirror


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I switched from the wink style to the ginormous grandma style convex mirror and its way better, for me anyway.


You only have to focus on 1 mirror, and it gives you all if not more than a wink style. (im gonna say more)


I don't know how anyone can drive with out one!  Once you use it, you will never go back to a regular sized mirror.


Get a glass one, not plastic.  Way better, and no waves.

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At 6'4", a wink mirror blocks too much of my vision in a datsun.  Can't see stop lights, etc

I'm 6' even (at least) and even with my Z32 seats bolted pretty much directly to the floor, I have to lean forward and look up to see the light, if there isn't one off to the side I can't look at.

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I use a 5 panel in the 1200. Love the peripheral but if your car is low and or stiff springs they tend to vibrate a bit. This is my second one I have had in two cars. Not sure how these guys are keeping the use of there sun visors. I also have a large convex on another car and find that to work as well, still lose use of sun visors as the added width interferes with swinging them down, but they can be left in place. I have been thinking about adding a third angle support to the middle to eliminate the vibration.

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