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  1. Justin Berni

    My latest 720

    Haven't really posted on here in a while. In October I bought an 84 720 Delux, tach, clock, sunroof, all the bells and whistles. I installed drop spindles along with new ball joints and tie rods a couple months back, and complete front brakes. The rear has a 4" block with 3" lowering springs, I think I'm gonna switch to a 3" block.. The frame is c notched, mini notch pipe style. Other than suspension I've cleaned up the engine a little, Weber carb, tune up, all that jazz. This truck has the cleanest interior of any 720 I've owned. Now for pictures.. Almost forgot, so this t
  2. that truck is probably all over the road.... Bend them back in place, and reindex them when you put everything back together so it doesnt happen again.
  3. I dont buy the 50/50 mix, its only like a buck cheaper then straight coolant, so youre paying for water, i just buy the coolant and mix it myself.
  4. Justin Berni

    Lug studs

    Take everything apart, hammer the studs out, put a new stud in and a couple spacer then a lug nut and take an impact gun to them. Idk about rear, I've never done it but I'm sure it's easy.
  5. I've already sprayed for vacuum leaks and found none, and the carb is not the issue, my friend who had it before us swapped a known good Weber on and still had the same problem. We will test the fuel pump later though, thank you!
  6. Mike the gaskets for the carb itself and the gasket for intake to head is both new. We got the truck from my friend, he tried swapping a known good carb on and had the same issues, by the way it's a weber.
  7. Fucking wish we got crew cab 720's in the states.. I love those!
  8. Not sure where you're located, but the side pictured is most definitely driver side here in the states..
  9. Go to schwab for an alignment. The guys at my work and the other schwabs near me don't fuck around and do good work.
  10. Thanks for putting on a good show Dan!
  11. Both trucks are ready to roll to blue lake tomorrow.
  12. But really I'm looking forward to seeing your truck!
  13. I know you don't need paper to say it pulls, but if you go back and ask them to fix it they are probably just gonna say "it's in spec though" My truck pulls too even with everything in spec, I gave up on it rolling straight.
  14. Didn't they give you a piece of paper with your specs and what factory specs are??
  15. I'd buy it for the interior! Not a bad price these days. And I love the z24's, they are so simple once you throw a weber in, just as simple as an L series imo.
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