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tie rods being gay


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I have bought a few tie rod adjustable sleeves off of rockauto multiple times from different company's and they all come with different threads on each size.


I'm only able to get one part of the tie rod onto it but on the other, the reverse side, none of the tie rods actually fit.



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did you order a pair of the same side? I.e. 2 lefts or 2 rights?


are you trying to put them on backwards? or on opposite sides?


i ordered two of each side, inner and outer for both sides.


i've tried backwards and opposite sides.


The tie rod sleeve seem to have different threads on one side.



Hope you ordered the MOOG brand, the only good brand off rock auto for parts like this.  I just had my front end rebuilt, Moog everything from rock auto and not a single issue so........i know they are not gay lol


they're all moog besides the sleeves which were not available on rock auto.

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And FYI, Mood isnt a brand for Japanese cars any more than Beck/Arnley is. ALL of my "Moog" parts are actually top of the line "555" or "Triple-5" brand.


I ordered all my stuff on Amazon, it was all perfect (well I got the ball joints at my local parts store, on the shelf and I got to see what brand they actually were).


Still not sure what sleeve you are talking about.


Maybe you should post pictures... 


Yes one side of the tie rod has RHD threads, and the other side has LHD threads. All the tie rod ends came with nuts I presume, so why not just test it out with just the nuts...

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That is why I prefer going to a parts store. Besides convenience with returns where I can can just go back to the store and exchange them that day instead of waiting a month through mail, most aftermarket hard parts have a lifetime warranty. All my Duralast (Autozone house brand) ball joints and tie rods I replaced two years ago are doing well still.

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A month? Any time I've had a problem with rockauto parts they've just shipped me a new part. No return necessary and it only took a couple days to get the new part. 


Of course if I don't have time to wait for shipping to begin with I will go to the parts store but lately they have had to order parts as well so either way I end up waiting. :(

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I recently replaced my tie rod ends. My sleeves were in good shape  so I just ordered the "MasterPro" ends from the local O'Reilly store. Even though the part numbers were correct, the left outer tie rod had the wrong thread direction. I ordered another which was exactly the same, so I returned them all and ordered a set of Moog tie rod ends from RockAuto. The Moog threads were correct and the parts looked just like the originals, whereas the ones from O'Reilly were slightly different lengths ftrom the originals.


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