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  1. That's about what was in my parent's backyard 2 years ago
  2. i own robopineapples wagon as of 3 weeks ago
  3. Good luck. FYI 2 and 4 door sedan use the same windshields as the wagon, the 4 door hatch wont work in wagons
  4. If you see tristin rolling around on a white 14 inch libre wheel, steal it because I now own the rest of the set.
  5. (somewhat) try ebay?
  6. jesus necrothread batman
  7. since OPs probably not coming back, i snagged 6 irriduim IX plugs from an is300 guy for 35 bucks (6 plugs) for my LS400. i figure 53 bucks is cheaper than 8x8.99 plus tax if i bought them legit
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