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  1. An HLA10 literally superior in every way including rally wins
  2. Check out some CZs. Full metal, hammer, g17 and 19 length barrel. Double stack mags though I have a P01, it carries well, only downside is how heavy it is. Definitely different that the Shield 9mm I switched from lol
  3. Imagime getting an untested vaccine for a virus with a 98% survivability rate on the lowest chart.
  4. No, they'll say the driver's IQ was too low, theres no possible way the driver could have known any better. Aquitted of all charges and resumes same activity. Repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. I don't think that's how that works.
  6. The most dangerous man is the one with nothing left to lose.
  7. They buy all the flashy clothes, cars and jewelry to be seen with it
  8. I was immune to the last sars outbreak when 4 damily memebers caught it in the same house, so I think I'm good for this one too, regardless, I'm not putting that poison in me.
  9. All part of the plan, dig us further into debt to lower the value of the dollar while millions of illegals flood in to devalue labor. Its a Textbook Bolshevik revolution, releasing criminals out to make crime skyrocket, while the working class questioning the government, schools, administration will soon be equivalent to a hate crime. [Ironic to the "muh racism" narritive, 90% of all hate crimes are perpetuated by blacks on whites, and when adjusted to compare with the same population of whites, whites are 2300x likely to become a victim of a hate crime but will ultimately be dismissed in court for a lesser charge.]
  10. removed all under bumpers, just S13 things lol
  11. we do but its not our government will trample on them, like the patriot act and the NSA spying for you "safety"
  12. My early life senses are tingling about that article suspicions: confirmed Also he lives in Toledo WA, weird
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