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  1. if its the Sccy im thinking of, the trigger pull is insanely long. two bros I know each bought one at the same time and one of them had his for like 2 weeks and his front sight popped off 😄 Unrelated but I am reminded of another dude I know, who has a M&P9 shield like mine but got one with thumb safety and put one of those cheap trigger kits in. He was telling me "Yeah, I put in this trigger and I had to file down part of the safety, so i guess I dont have a safety anymore" Same guy also bought some gay bright green anodized metal stuff like rear cover, mag extension cover and bigger mag release button. The way he described to me how often his release gets tripped in the holster only made me picture his magazine flying across the room.
  2. That's about what was in my parent's backyard 2 years ago
  3. i own robopineapples wagon as of 3 weeks ago
  4. Good luck. FYI 2 and 4 door sedan use the same windshields as the wagon, the 4 door hatch wont work in wagons
  5. If you see tristin rolling around on a white 14 inch libre wheel, steal it because I now own the rest of the set.
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