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  1. Somebody leaked a list of 2 million CCP agents in high up positions aroumd the world couple days ago
  2. Why would we care what the rest of the world thinks? All our allies are weak and/or have no military. Its the United States of America
  3. Picked up a brand new CZ P01 a couple months ago. Already have VZ grips for it, Cajun Gun Works guide rod for when the stock one fails, and a KSG Armory holster.
  4. Probably since I changed the dizzy (felt like it was flooding out) it developed a serious vacuum leak on the carb shafts. So with a working dizzy and no vacuum leak anymore and valves that haven't been adjusted since, it doesn't run that bad despite running on three cylinders in adjusted valves with a carb with linkage that sticks. Accelerate from a stop, get to second, linkage sticks half open, basically power shifting now, turn off car while in gear to slow down, secondary is also stuck open, pulling fuel that entire time it was off, turn key back on, big boom pull o
  5. Ask him if he means 7000 pesos. If yes, than take the deal. If not, offer 500 american
  6. Is russia going to pay us? I've just been trolling and probably racked up a bunch of overtime
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