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Damn cancer

Guest Rick-rat

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Guest Rick-rat

  Well, the chemo is done and has worked some , But still need to surgically remove some of it and then get grafts for parts of it remaining. It was caused by environmental conditions, too much sun, acid rain, and other pollutants in the air. It is not life threatening, just a pain in the ass but will be good as new when done. (so they say). Starting to get my energy levels up and will be getting ready to go to some meets soon. :thumbup:

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Five years with no recurrent signs is the so called "cure" standard!  I have 1 more year to go to reach that milestone.  I still am planning my 120th birthday celebration, and yes, I will be there! Breathing, not preserved!  You are all, as, of this date, signed in, as in invited.  Bring your own wheel chairs!  I will help push you to the bar.  Arguments with the HighWay Patrol or Sheriff's  department  are on you.  See you in in 2057!  Location TBD.  Nobody's calender goes that far into the future,

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I have one of the best colloidal silver machines and if you don't know how valuable pure silver is for your health I hope you check it out.

There is (becks protocol) that uses colloidal silver and DMSO to work wonders. I hope you get well sooner than later.

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Snake oil. Silver is not needed by the body and is not a dietary supplement, there is no evidence that it does anything better than anything else or nothing at all. People believe what they want to believe but this is just a placebo effect. Swallowing small magnets would work just as well. 

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