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  1. anyone selling a nissan/toyota 4x4 pickup in the bremerton/seattle area? looking for a dependable 4x4.

  2. id be in for a valence. and maybe a dash if shipping isn't bad, gonna try to repair one cause im sure there cracked. you could probably make your money back from it.
  3. looking to buy my first welder. looking to weld up to 1/4in steel. want something quality that wont break the bank to bad. ive used miller and lincoln, liked the both, lincoln seems a bit cheaper. never used hobart but hear good stuff. i used a 140 lincoln on 1/4in and it was pushin it. let me know on recommendations, new or used, and things to look for

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    2. Logical1


      I welded 1/4" for 11 hours straight on a 110 miller... but if your never going to take your welder anywhere, buy the 240v

    3. KlassicMotion


      Hobart is owned by Miller. It's the economy version. I've seen restoration shops use Hobart everyday.... With everyday use, they last 2-3 years. I have the Millermatic 211, since I move every 2-3 years its nice to be able to plug into 110 in the event I don't have 220 wired in the garage yet. Miller's autoset works surprising well.

    4. Draker


      Welding thread.. covered a million billion trillion times. Fur eel.

  4. can someone inbox me a picture of how they ran there throttle linkage on r1s? like to see some better pictures. mines rigged up but could be better.

    1. Dat Lurka

      Dat Lurka

      I've seen a couple ran from brackets under the valve cover bolts

  5. looking for a shorty or long tube header that clears torsion bars. i know stock manis are better but i just need one for the timing being as my non smog wont work for now, let me know if you have one

  6. trying to prime my rebuilt l20. new oil pump, filled it without the shaft, poured a quart down the front case, attached a long screw driver to my drill and went counterclockwise. nothin coming out the cam, brand new isky, i didnt look and i shouldve but i think it does have oil holes. i hear the pump. thoughts? buying a oil pressure gauge tomorrow

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    2. red76datsun
    3. bananahamuck


      YOu filled pump before putting it on


      you pour 1 quart down front.


      is there any more oil than that in it??


      A oil pump needs to push oil with more oil. if pan isn't full it can't work.


      If pan is full,,,,,,,,, your screwed.

    4. TENDRIL


      should have packed it with petroleum jelly or poured oil into it

  7. driveshaft looks awesome! glad it was a good shop, thinking about getting one done soon
  8. i cracked/chipped the crank pully. how the hell!?! right where the key fits in, thanks to adam ill have another one soon though. my luck sometimes

    1. bananahamuck


      i have seen that happen twice in person.

    2. Eagle_Adam


      I got you :







      Again ;)

  9. looking for an el dizzy pedestal and timing plate for my l20.

  10. keep us posted on the dash. thinking about doing it to mine. keep up the good work
  11. big thanks to ted for the el dizzy!

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    2. tdaaj


      Welcome, just got home from Port gamble 20 minutes ago, long day on that bench seat.

    3. red76datsun


      bench is a kidney buster

    4. mrbigtanker
  12. heads on, timing done. time for some carb tuning

  13. 350 in a 510 just shouldn't ever be. ka or sr.
  14. only have one done but here are my 15x8.5 -24 western miniltes. wrapped in 195-55s
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