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521 Replacement Radiator?

Coach K

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Hello everyone, First of all I love this site! I'm a newbie to the Datsun world and I just purchased a 1971 521 and I have a pretty decent size hole on top of the radiator. I've been reading that it is darn near impossible to find a new radiator for these. However, I just saw this on ebay and was wondering if this would fit without any major modifcations? Any help is greatly appreciated!




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those Champion radiators have mixed reveiws on them.I have one myself but havent ran it


if anything maybe get the KOYO radiators for the 510/521 as they are the same. about 70$ more or find on Amazon




Rods Discount Datsun Parts might have some stock recores



get a electronic igntion for that 521 and your reliability will go up or get really good at trouble shooting pointsw ignition as that where alot of proplem will start

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Look into the 510 replacement rads. I believe the 510/521 rads are very close in size, so check that out. The reason I say this is that VW Rabbit rads can be swapped into the 510 and may fit into the 521.

I know a read somewhere here that a guy did that in his 521.  Wayno?  The only issue was the mounting holes were slightly off but could be remedied without much problem.

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a stock 510 rad is the same as a 521 rad.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the Champion rads are flush mounted cause the 3rd row core take up the extra space. On stock Datsun rads the flange that bolts to the core suppoert is out further from the core so one doesn not have to do as Alabama low life has done. Look at it like this. You can slip cardboard inbetween the rad on the core support in winter to let motor run hotter. On the Champion rad that space is all gone and might even push up on the lip of the hole of the core support.sometime people bend the lip back.

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1.  The stock 510 radiator fits a 521 (and vice versa).


2. The Champion radiator replacement for the 510 will also fit a 521 with some cutting and bending. 


2a. Anybody know if the Koyo aftermarket radiator has the same fit issues as the Champion radiator? 


3. Anybody know if the 75-79 620 truck radiator is a clean fit for the 521 truck?  Rock Auto lists two kinds of replacement radiators for the 75-79 620 truck but nothing for the 70-72 510 or 521.


* not trying to play stump the chump here, just want to summarize the info so two years from now when someone searches "521 radiator" this thread may have all the answers. 

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I know a read somewhere here that a guy did that in his 521.  Wayno?  The only issue was the mounting holes were slightly off but could be remedied without much problem.


Wasn't me, but I did buy a new one(still in box), I think Jrock bought a few of them, maybe he is the one your thinking about.

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Well shit i agree, more oics!! I'm just hardly ever on the computer. It sucks using my phone to upload them photos.


how ever im on a computer now so i'll post a few.


this needs to be fix pretty soon, PO work i believe.


this is how I decided to mount my champion radiator. I used these rubber washers just because i'm an odd fuck. No i figure trucks/cars move bounce/jerk what not and i didn't want the aluminum scratching my shit. Some other dumb reasons too. looks sweet! :D




In this oic it may look like it touching but its not.


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