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  1. Awesome project, the fab work is great! It's good motivation for me to go home and work on mine
  2. I also picked up an L20B with a 5 speed a few weeks back. No hurry with that either, just got a deal I couldn't refuse. I'll run the L16 for a while before I consider swapping.
  3. The wheels that where on it are stacked up in the corner of my shop. I know a lot of guys like that look, but it's just not my style. I plan to recover the interior with pleated leather or vinyl. I have a classic auto sounds radio to install in it. I'll have to install the faceplate and remotely mount the rest of the radio because it won't fit behind the dash there. But I won't start on that until I get the paint finished.
  4. Luck. And oddly enough I drove by the thing for years and never saw it. It belonged to the grandfather of one of my friends. It was kept under a shed after he passed away but there was lattice around it and stuff piled up around it so it wasn't very noticeable. But it was right next to the road and I used to drive down that road all the time. He stopped by the house one day and saw I had a 521 as the screen saver on my computer (the green one that was in minitruckin). He said his granddad had a truck just like it. Sure enough, it was.
  5. I haven't worked on this as much as I should, but I have started recently to make some progress. I'm getting some work done on the bed. It's not even close to being paint ready but I'm moving in the right direction.
  6. Devilbiss FLG-4 is a good gun for the money. $150-200 and you can get kits that come with multiple tip sizes to spray a variety of paint and primer. Even with primer I can tell a huge difference between this and a harbor freight gun. My HF gun sprays out with a screwed up pattern regardless of how clean the gun is. The FLG-4 sprays great for me. I'm no pro, but this handles the DIY chores for me.
  7. Clean up everything as clean as possible using some brake cleaner and a brush. Then run the engine and look for the leak.
  8. I had experienced a cooling issue with it and replaced the fan clutch. I thought that had fixed it until a hose sprung a leak. I replaced that hose and thought for sure it was the end of my problems. Apparently there was a leak somewhere else. I was very careful to monitor the temp indication from that point forward, but I didn't check the coolant. Until I was on the way to work one night and the temp didn't warm up after a couple miles. Then it suddenly went full hot, check engine light, and shut off. Almost no coolant. I'm much more careful now.
  9. I had a 2002 2wd crew cab long bed. Ran it hot and blew a head gasket. It got crappy mileage. The running hot thing kinda snuck up on me. I thought I had fixed the issue I was having and it tricked me. I couldn't afford to fix it out of pocket at the time, so I traded it for a titan. I wish I had just fixed my frontier. I still want to get another one. I just love the looks of them. There's a 2wd crew cab long bed supercharged one on Craigslist. I need to stop talking about this before I sell my black truck and get another one.
  10. The belt on my HB had a chunk missing off of it, could have sworn it was a knock every time the hole hit the crank pulley
  11. I got some from him a few months back. Haven't installed them yet but they look good to me.
  12. alabama_lowlife

    My 72 521

    Yeah, I didn't read every post, mainly just looked at the pics. The hub caps made a HUGE difference! Looks fantastic
  13. alabama_lowlife

    My 72 521

    I love the truck, especially the seats. But I find the red wheels to be distracting. When I see the pictures from the side, the first thing I see is red wheels it's like a stop sign. I think chrome, white, or the color on the tips of the scallops would be more complimentary to the truck. That thing is gonna turn some heads
  14. On Infamous Nissan, we have them type a word backwards. It looks like this "Type the following word backwards: Falcons." They must type snoclaF. We get one or two past every now and then, but new members require their first post to be approved by staff.
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