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Datsun BBQ......

Busta Nut

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Hey, is this run open to other cars and clubs? 


Anyone into Datsuns and having a good time is more than welcome!!




What time are you guys leaving the shop in the AM?



Leaving the shop about 6:15am..........

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See everyone in the morning!!




I want everyone to make it back to the BBQ safe and sound........


...........chances of black ice are close to 100%...........




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Any places of note reguarding ice or pretty much all of it? Ready to roll at 6,damn early uck



I don't know the route.......but it's been icy here......

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Made it home smoked my clutch trying to do a 510T burnout took out the starter too. With a push start got it going and lots of noise from the clutch I'm home thanks all!!

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Thx everyone once again!!!



Lots of hiccups today but everyone made it home safe and no major casualties to Datsuns.....


......that's a good day.......




Great times as always!!!

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Time lapse!


I always love these videos because I end up watching about an hours worth of race / gtr/ bad ass cars after the first video 

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Good times.


Big props to Andreas131313 who saved my ass after my oil drain plug came off halfway through. Thanks for the plug and the oil. You're a good guy in my book.

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