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  1. Yealla510

    Datslocos Campout Mt Shasta July 13th-15th

    Heck. Getting closer. To that day
  2. Yealla510

    Datslocos Cali 14th Annual Carshow/Swapmeet May 19th 2018

    Rhe biggest show of the year. Please bring youre ride . Make it happen this show and walk in. Lets go datsun .
  3. Oh Dam I think I'm showing up these time
  4. Yealla510


    That time of the year event. the love of Datsun's keep it rolling rust or clean.
  5. is it July yet. DANMARK BOY WHERE YOU AT .. I hope my Datto make to this one . Or look different then last years Dude I'm missing that good beer out there ...
  6. I'm making trips from the bay area to the flatlands tonite whoopoooooopppppppppp
  7. Yealla510

    Datsick car show swap meet san jose ca 08/14/16

    Getting my ride ready for this event.
  8. Another run that I miss riding with the Locos. Had to a lot to do this weekend. I'm in for the next run. It could be in the bay or in the valley. I'm down ballS deeper. Great vid guypatrick i miss y'all
  9. Yealla510

    Datsick car show swap meet san jose ca 08/14/16

    Count me inward !!!
  10. Goes to bitch with dick Haters. It's funny that all you Haters didn't say shit. To are face. Are. Come there and talk shit to our face in person. All you online hater could bitch all you want. Stop bitch.ing. Datsloco for life. Till the wheels fall off. Then some more.
  11. Draker. Is cool as fuck. He was having a good as time . I had. A blast. In words. That I can't describe
  12. The Eagel has landed in Medford.
  13. Yealla510

    "Cali Datslocos" caravan to "Rats with Dats show/Oregon"

    Can't. Sleep. But. Have. To have to rest. For this trip.
  14. "I like pick in pull motors " Blow one up every year.

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