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  1. rag10

    Datsun BBQ......

    Great times can't wait till the next one!
  2. rag10

    Datsun BBQ......

    It was great meeting you. I'm glad we went the back way home.
  3. rag10

    Datsun BBQ......

    I might be going to datsick and I'm in Santa Rosa I will let you know.
  4. I am interested in the zx struts pm me.
  5. I have to remember to stay close to Pat to get more coverage!
  6. Just got home awesome time even better people!!!!
  7. I'm in weather looks good and a north bay meet is a must!
  8. Do you still have the fj20 510 mounts?
  9. meeting at Starbucks on Yolanda ave. and Santa Rosa ave. 6:00am
  10. Was thinking 6 am not set in stone though where are you at?
  11. Can't wait this is going to be fun!
  12. Hard to calm the noise of a rotary your neighbors gonna hate you lol
  13. I haven't gone Direct fire yet set up looks great !
  14. I have the same seats same color in my dime even made the rear seat fit!
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