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  1. It sounds like another bad ass fun run. In in..
  2. Yup ill be there... Wether should be nice
  3. Thanks Ice house for the goodies... They arrived this morning.
  4. He'll Yhea Im in!!! Its a great cool fun run to kick off the new year and new adventures and put our ranflas to the test
  5. Great work Mr.James, im always a fan of great work.
  6. Can't wait to see your dime on the road. Keep it up lil brother Earl.
  7. Pull all day and allnighters, you can do it.¥¥
  8. I should make it. If the weather is accommodating.
  9. Y'all spookin me "Locos". Its that time again "All i hear are crickets". Are we ready or what??
  10. more than a few times, that's where i did a wooopsy to "Jemmah" right? That road really puts our rides and drivers to the test.
  11. That's a f#&@*££!!#!!! Bad asssss video.
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