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  1. What I was saying is I have mostly ⅜ socket sets and ½ chrome and impact sit up. Never use chrome on impacts
  2. Idk I just saw the review and they sound like a good idea. No -⅜ ½ set up
  3. Apparently they're really nice. Impact sockets with thin walls.
  4. TOO: to a higher degree than is desirable, permissible, or possible; excessively. I'm too busy. Banana do you need to go back to school? :)
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Ratsun/permalink/1524534657604538/ Well I'm sorry I'm too busy to log on everyday and stay current. BN
  6. Speaking of talking shit about people did you guys see the California Datsun dude get roasted on Facebook?
  7. Nah been working And going to school so haven't had time to toll you all again till now. Haha
  8. Ahhhh you miss me fatcat. Lol how is everyone? Smoke ever come back?
  9. do not!!! DO NOT!!!!! us crosstheroad auto transport i used dream auto transport and they got my car from utah and brought it here to san jose in 2 or 3 days $600 open transport
  10. Andres131313

    Datsun BBQ......July 28th....12-whenever..........

    If anyone has a picture of my car from the side while it was full that would be awesome. Turns out the only suspension I had in the back was the compression of the tires XD
  11. Andres131313

    Datsun BBQ......July 28th....12-whenever..........

    no problem

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