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  1. What kinda foods did you make, Antony? Sorry I couldn't go, Tyler.
  2. Helllllo ratsun..... long time....... almost done with DUI class..... have to sell the dime though. Switching to mopeds for a bit till I find a cheap 521.

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    2. banzai510(hainz)


      what. Keep the 510 and still ride a moped. I never buy a 521 again. I hate KINGPINS!!!!!

    3. EastBay521


      Ball joint swap.I refuse to replace kingpins once mine get worse

    4. uieluck


      Keep the 510. Sell your house, wife and everything. Live in the dime.

  3. Who is this? I'LL ADD MORE AS I EDIT THEM.
  4. Was having a hard time getting links to work. Here's all my oics.
  5. I'm so excited! I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!!!
  6. Just put in a paid time off request and so my boss knows I'm calling out. He's not happy. I'm still calling out. He called out today and six days last week and he gets paid for all of them. So fuck him; fuck me.
  7. Okay. Taking a left onto Sonoma Mountain from BV Road? I'll take a taxi and try to be out there around ten. Can someone text/ call me when about ten minutes out so I can start recording?
  8. Is 510T going? Maybe I could jump in your ride if you have a back Seat.
  9. I'm going to call in sick on Saturday. I want to post up at bennett valley grange hall which is by bennett valley road. If you all are still going that way. I'll have my camera out to record video of everyone rolling thru. Maybe you guys want to stop and I can jump in someone's ride. I'd love to make a bbq. Haven't been in a long time. It's whatever tho If I just got some video that'd do me.
  10. I did but the rear quarter windows are such garbage anyways... seals don't seal anywhere but the trunk. Just waiting for it to get cooler... the heat is literally killing me.
  11. You make it look so easy ... and well you make it look good ... good job dude and to be honest better late than never on the cowl.
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