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Freebird: SR20VE+T 510 Wagon

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When I got Freebird It had narrowly avoided being parted, cut, or crushed a couple times.
The main motivator of this project is to save a Dato.


I got the car when Jeff decided it would look better on the road than as driveway art.

This is how I found it.IMG_20130620_172802_347.jpgIMG_20130620_172835_542.jpg

The Engine bay was in pieces and the clutch was blown.

First a quick scrub down for motivation.



The L20 was reassembled and fired right up.
While it was up on jack stands to pull the tranny for the new clutch why not give it some lows.


Cut and welded the struts to fit VW inserts.
Blocked the Rear 3 inches.


Mild stance improvement.


Convinced the preggo-wife to help me wet sand the old paint to remove the layer of sludge.

Before on left, after on right

We also decided some pin stripes would spruce it up a bit.



The worst of the damage.


Put up a new home for the goon.

All this work got Freebird to a state of daily-driveability-enjoyability.
I am now commuting in the goon and having a blast.

Immediate future plans are to grind it down for a respray and clean up the interior.
It will be kept on the road as much as possible throughout the build since I enjoy vintage cars as much for how they drive as for how they look.

Most of the panels are pretty far gone so I am opting for as much new metal as possible.
Wolfman hooked me up with some doors which are now stripped and epoxy primed.


And that's where I'm at.

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Sweet save! Good to hear of your appreciation for this fine creature.

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Progo?  Takes two to Tango!  Seriously, congratulations on both you future efforts!

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Jeffs driveway usually looks like that :lol:



Nice save on that goon, nothing looks to difficult to straighten out. :cool:

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 wish I had your tail lights :crying:


No you don't...


Single most disapointing e-bay purchase I have made.  I actually laughed when I opened up the box.  I think they were a high school art project.  The chrome trim was actually painted on!  And check out how the reflector circles are in different places.






I gave them to the PO while he was trying to keep the wagon on the road before he gave up and gave it to me before I gave it to Jeff before he gave it to Sam before he...

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Same thing with the sedan tail lenses of eBay (datsun-kentigo).  That's why I hope FutoFab can get something cooking on these.

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nice save and collection :thumbup: wish I had your tail lights :crying:

Stock rear lenses are fitted so, I can make you dream of owning these gems come true!

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My stock carb setup started giving me some issues, no amount of cleaning, tuning, etc. seemed to help.

Then on Friday,

Merry Christmas!
From: The best boss ever.



I didn't waste any time an began fitting the kit when I got home.
Here's the mess I started with,



In great foresight I realized the nice shiny new weber was going to make my already gross looking engine look even worse.
So, i decided to spend a little time cleaning up areas easire to reach with the carb removed.




I have given up on the actual "painted" regions of the engine bay, it will just have to wait for fresh paint, it's too far gone. So don't start in with that...

From this:
To this:

I then ran the choke cable.
I was going to bolt the foot mount included with the cable to the bottom of the dash but decided I wanted a more "factory" feel.
So, I ran it to the center dash instead.


I had something (not sure what is supposed to be there) missing from one of the round recess' in the panel and the power adapter in the other.
There was just enough cable length to get me to the drivers side recess so, I had to move the power adapter to the other empty recess and then was able to mount the choke handle in the power adapter position.

While I had the dash apart I found another Christmas present!
I don't know how my secret Santa knew my favorite color was purple...


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There is an old beat up tapedeck in my goon.
I have no tapes, and the radio interface is missing.


Inspiration hit when I realized my phone fit perfectly into the tape slot.

I took the deck out and opened it up.
I found the preamp before the audio output and tapped in a male barrel connector (same as headphones)
I then mounted the connector such that my phone would engage it when jammed into the tape slot.

Presto, I can now have a hands free phone device, as well I can listen to pandora, TED Talks, etc. during my commute.
I can even still adjust the bass and treble.
Now I just need it to play through more than just one worn out speaker...


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the phone trick is sweet

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I like that phone jack deal. Pretty saweet.


And that purple monster is probably 99% sure to get you pregnant.

I bet it's 100% sure not to get ME pregnant.

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Finally got some body work done.


Yanked the fenders. One frame rail was quite rough and needs attention. The other was just fine. Of course nearly every fastener snapped.



With all these fenders, it must be possible to make two good ones right?


Take the best pieces.


Fire up the welder!

^^ Jeff did one side. I did the other. Jury is still out on who's came out better.


Test fit before body work.



Teaching the wife how to lay primer.

I decided to tint my primer to come close too matching the old paint. That way it looks a bit less harlequin while I'm driving around.
(FYI, SPI epoxy primer can handle pigment up to 10% by volume, just expect a slower dry time. per SPI phone hotline guy)


After much sanding, and final coats of epoxy.

Finished fender mounted up with new stainless fasteners.IMG_20140119_153122_065.jpgand now the rest of the car looks worse than it did before... :poop:

The "new" doors are also nearly done body work but they will stay off the car since they need paint before reassemble.

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Went to the junkyards over the weekend. Found some BMW projectors. Less than 10 bucks for both!








EDIT: pictures of awesome projectors are gone forever and I'm too lazy to take new ones. use your imagination.


Possibly the best $10 I've ever spent.

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You do more in a weekend than I do in a month!

You're making me feel bad. :crying:


Keep it up!!! :thumbup:


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You do more in a weekend than I do in a month!

You're making me feel bad. :crying:


Keep it up!!! :thumbup:



I work well with deadlines.

If only there were someone who would benefit from such info.... :poke:

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Jeff did one side. I did the other. Jury is still out on who's came out better.





Or is it???? :)  

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Spare doors primed and body worked. Stored away until the rest of the car is ready for final paint.
Spare leaves modified and ready for a rainy day install
The stock sway bar had worn through the rubber bushings and was pounding metal to metal on the frame rail. Obnoxious over every bump.
Solution: 1" sway bar with poly mounts and new stabilizer links. Much less annoying to say the least. Thanks Jeff!



While doing the sway bar a severely worn brake soft line was spotted. A new line went on.
I was suck of looking through my shift hole onto the road so,
It still needs final finish/fitment but here's my modified MK2 VW center console.

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