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  1. I like that phone jack deal. Pretty saweet. And that purple monster is probably 99% sure to get you pregnant.
  2. 71 510 4 door. $2,000 Wish I had the money.... http://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/3933108491.html
  3. Thank you DatzenMIke, that clears up everything for me. I had a couple of the obvious figured out. I was unsure of the emissions lines you said not to connnect. I didnt know if that was gonna play a valuable part in the carb running right, like a vacuum line or something. The water line that runs from the left side of the motor across the front is a hard line correct? mine is cut and pinched closed. so I'll have to fix that. Thank you again. I appreciate your quick and detailed response
  4. Hey guys, Im new to Datsuns and carbs. This is actually the first car I have had that is carburated so I'm not really sure on what goes where. When I bought the car it didnt have a carb on it, so the lines weren't connected to anything so I couldnt do the pull off and replace kind of thing. I took some pictures and marked the lines, color coded a couple to identify easier. there is a couple im pretty sure I know where they go but I would like some reassurance, clarity if you will. thanks ahead of time for your help. I feel kind of dumb, but Im new and I guess you gotta start somewhere. 510, l16, weber dgev so heres a couple pics marked, where do i put these babies??
  5. Holy mother F... That's a shit load of books. I spy a '70 510 service bulletin manual.. 8) me likey. If you ever sell it, hit this guy up. And congrats on that sweet score
  6. PS3 - The1nOnlyMilkMan All CODs Xbox - ProfesserKhaos Forza 4, cod
  7. Yes it is the original radio.. Sometimes I like to just sit in it and listen to the static.
  8. I know how forums work in this world.. "Pics or it didn't happen"
  9. It has small sand bags on each side that straddle the trans tunnel. Its actually pretty solid lol
  10. HAHA, I like the tiny ass single speaker on the bottom of the dash. But what really blew my mind was that trash can.. Did you guys see that?
  11. Roger That I really haven't thought of anything crazy. I basically wanna see if I can get it on the road in as stock form as possible. Just to see what its like as an original car. I'll get it running then go thru the brake system and other safety issues before anything.
  12. Whats with the mirrors? Is a two mirrored unit hard to find or what?
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