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What's the meaning behind your user name?

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My friends and I used to be in lots of heavy metal and hardcore bands in high school. It was common place to be known for your first name and a part of the band you were in. A buddy was known as Davey Hatchet (lead singer of Hatchet and Annie) and another was Andy Diehard (singer of Diehard Youth). I was known for creating and fronting a grind band that had no set name. 


We had no name and no set songs. We just all had been playing together so long that, like classic Jazz bands, you just went with what felt right and it all came together. Anyway, I became known as Tristin Grind (for the type of music the band played). I just used it for all my screen names and I havent changed it since. Too much hassle to pick something new. 

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Many have laid the joke that i run cats over.


I used to have a Persian cat, Obsidian. Loved that guy. He was the craziest cat.

If you don't know what Persian cats are-they are the ones that looked like they were chasing parked cars.


And the 19 has been my baseball jersey number from T-Ball all the way through high school.


So Flatcat19.

I've been using if forever, for everything.

Forums, E-mail, work passwords.

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Still not that computer literate but about 10 years ago the office administrator figured she would drag me into the new millennium. (I'm the only guy I know who still does not own, or want, a cell phone.... in fact there are indigents at the soup kitchen across the street that have them, go figure) She had always babied me by entering my barely legible time sheet into the corporate linked computer system and finally told me to learn how to do it or not get paid.


So I began with an old 386 POS and IE (another POS but what the company used). I was told that after or before work I could 'browse the internet' and since it was starting to contain the sum total of all knowledge, I asked how to ask it questions. "Try Google" Can you show me ... what?... "Here you go"... and I type in Datsun......  (go figure)


So my two oldest kids had played with home computers, sort of... I never took much interest, and had left home. The youngest had one of his own and my wife had hers. So I tried to do the same at home and found a Datsun forum called NWDE but to post I needed an account. I got my youngest to give me a hand and when it came round to a user name I said DatsunMike!!! I want DatsunMike!!! So I typed it in and I must have done something wrong or out of order or wanted to change the password and when I reentered it, NWDE said that user name is invalid/taken. So real or imagined and with help I fucked up my first try. In the end it only has to sound like datsunmike, right? and lower case letters are just simpler...... and the rest is history.





post script

I can see why I don't need a cell phone. 3.78% of all 945,000+ Ratsun posts were mine. Need to get a life. 

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My name is Cameron (or Cam) and I like robots.


I used to go by Camshaft on a lot of forums. Would have actually been fitting here, but that was a long time ago... When I was young.



The answer to what?

This isn't Jepordy. It's Ratsun.

The answer to the question

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I should also mention that, while I like robots, I also fear them.


One time I called into NPR's TotN: Science Friday and asked some very pertinent questions about our level of preparedness for the impending robot uprising. Dean Kamen (inventor of the Segway) got SUPER pissed off at me :)

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Years ago I bought my wife (now ex) a pair of rocket dog shoes.  I joked with my kids (who were elemtary school at the time) that "Rocket Dog" was a great name for a Naval Aviator.  You know, like Maverick or Goose, Turbo, etc.  I'm not an aviator, but my kids started calling me Rocket Dog for fun.  Etc...etc...

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