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  1. It’s been crazy. Moved to Mojave. Drove my 620 from Washington to SoCal with no issues. Then it had an electrical fire that roached the cab harnes. Trailered my 240 down there and loved the empty desert roads of the empty antelope valley. Moved back to Oregon. Finally back on my feet enough to start playing with datsuns again. Replaced the harnes in the 620 and am slowly bringing it back to life. When I got it put together and it came right right back to life like I was just driving it yesterday was awesome. Until it remembered it was pissed off at me for not screwing with it for so long. Immediately popped a heater hose. Fixed that. Took it for a drive and runs fine until I go up a hill or anywhere where it wants the secondaries. Then it stalls out and dies for a while like it’s out of fuel. Pop the air cleaners off and find literally all my vac lines split and rotted. Also the line from the fuel rail to the carb rotted, collapsed, and kinked. Checked the carb and it’s spotless (on the inside) So that’s what’s planned for my thanksgiving. My 240 tho... runs like a champ.
  2. havent been on Ratsun in years. Life got in the way. Hi everybody!
  3. cdub42

    I want a Z

    finally getting around to hanging my N36 intakes ran into a little problem tho, the spacers are a little too thick, and i really don't want to pull the studs and replace them, so I'm gonna go make a slightly thinner spacer.
  4. Anyone we know? This is parked at the mojave spaceport by the spaceship company/scaled composites/virgin galactic right down the block from me
  5. cdub42

    I want a Z

    4 weeks, carbs came in on Friday. This made for a painfully long day at work. Got home and stripped my old carbs off before bed. Bright and early in the morning I was out working on my car in my pajamas, coffee cup in hand. There was something very therapeutic about that. New carbs on Spent most of the day tweeting and adjusting the idle mix and timing to just where I like it. Dug out the colortune and unisyn. Played with the timing light for a while before I threw it back in the toolbox and set my timing the old fashioned way. Wend out on a deserted desert road and advanced it till it pinged and slowly backed it off till it wouldn't ping under a hard WOT run. I'm not used to actually having to use the choke. Before it was so rich at all times I didn't need it. I'm down to my last gripe to tune out of the carbs. It accelerates up to 3k rpm like I'm pulling a boat. I think the ATF in the dashpots is too thin and I need to find some 20wt oil.
  6. cdub42

    I want a Z

    3 weeks, no carbs yet. Sad panda.
  7. cdub42

    I want a Z

    I'm debating it, but that's a fuckton of work
  8. cdub42

    I want a Z

    scored a set of N36 intakes yesterday. those should go nicely with my new carbs (if they ever get here) took em to work and started breaking them down and cleaning them up. start the port and polish process. rusty and crusty goodness the coolant line is seized inlace. the nuts started stripping off, so.... out comes the cutting wheel cut the tubes off the fittings, ill soak the fittings with penetriant and give them a go tomorrow into the media blaster... boogers inside rotary carbide file on a pencil grinder knocks the boogers down some 80 grit, 150 grit, and scotchbrite love later...
  9. Virgin galactic gets all the press, but xcor aerospace is gonna be the big player in the space game.
  10. Airplane porn... I'll play this game. Here's me and an aircraft I built called the Epic LT on the ramp behind white night and spaceship one right after they won the ansari xprize Here's a spaceship I'm building Here's a turbine powered DC-3 The b-52 that dropped the X-1 The only two seat A-10 prototype Rainstorm sunrise over the mojave boneyard Me and the baddest motherfucker on the planet Decepticon Spaceship two going for a walk Whiteknight one Proteus Spaceship two out for a flight with white knight two, and if u look hard u can see an extra 500 chase plane
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