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  1. j_boy_619

    Just curious: what dash is this?

    wasn't hard to find.... but dont think its quite worth it right now http://www.ebay.com/itm/74-75-76-77-Dodge-Mitsubishi-COLT-OEM-DASH-TRIM-CLUSTER-BEZEL-PANEL-SPEEDOMETER-/361304202078?hash=item541f689b5e&vxp=mtr Atleast its a good thing to add to the "PARTS THAT FIT A DATSUN B210" list
  2. j_boy_619

    Just curious: what dash is this?

    either way, I like it
  3. j_boy_619

    Just curious: what dash is this?

  4. j_boy_619

    1200 dash into B210

    yeah but i havent been able to source a not expensive one haha eventually i guess
  5. j_boy_619

    1200 dash into B210

    EDIT* Nvm, found out why. Really jealous. I want to swap out my square gauges for round. Trying to find other options, wish Z dash fit. that would be amazing
  6. j_boy_619

    looking for this gasket

    thanks gents, took your advise and made a plate and me own gasket.
  7. j_boy_619

    looking for this gasket

    Hmmm I like this idea. I need to look into this now
  8. j_boy_619

    looking for this gasket

    http://imgur.com/MpKUDRm http://imgur.com/Rjtlg3O
  9. j_boy_619

    looking for this gasket

    I was thinking about it. But if I can get one ready made, that would be nice. Well I need the one that's for that gap. Not the plate
  10. j_boy_619

    looking for this gasket

    If someone could provide me a link that would be great. I'm having no luck http://imgur.com/towV0cr http://imgur.com/U1HvHEQ
  11. j_boy_619

    Speedometer ratio?

    so i need a speedometer that uses 17 teeth?
  12. j_boy_619

    Speedometer ratio?

    having some troubles finding a speedometer matching that ratio. Do other dats use 60:1024? Any other car makes?
  13. j_boy_619

    Speedometer ratio?

    Whats the gear ratio for the speedometer on a 1975 B210 with a 5speed? I have only done swaps on old jap motorcycles so Im used to 60MPH=2240RPM. But I'm assuming cars are different. ELI5
  14. j_boy_619

    B210 with 510 Suspension bits

    Just throwing it out there, 76+ = non-smog exempt in Cali. So if this is going to be a street/daily.... you might want to look into other options
  15. j_boy_619

    Sell Off All of My B210 Stuff?

    are you selling it as a whole or by part? and what "stuff do you have? also you're probably going to get told to move this to the classifieds

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