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  1. This is my 2001 VW Cabrio. This car has been my passion project for about 4 years now. Not everyone's taste, But it is mine. I bought it four years ago for 450$ cause I was in need of a car. And since then she has gone from a cheap beater, to a full on project. anyway, here are some transformation pics from over the years. The day I bought her. Stayed like that for a while, Until I bent a few wheels on a NASTY Pothole Then she got some 16" Porsche wheels after that, Clear Tail lights, Lowered on some used Coilovers, and debadged & rebadged the trunk Then I accidentally backed one of my OEM Mirrors into a door.... So instead of spending 500$ replacing and repainting them.... I installed Power FD RX7 door mirrors, that work with my OEM Switch. Then I traded my 71' Bug for my first Set of Bigboy wheels. 17x8 Stern Face 2 Around that time, I also made a badgeless grille, and had the hood notch filled, and Hood repainted. Also tried my hand at some underglow... The night before this show. lol She basically stayed like that for a while. Nothing too crazy, except installing Camber plates up front. After a while, I went a bit crazy and Raised the Engine, and fiddled with the front suspension to fit a 17x9 +2 setup up front. And once again, stayed like that for a while. During that time, I also finished my Underglow, Way too much time into that system... And installed 5ft Takeyari Pipes..... After That I Installed My Fiero Spoiler. And after that it didn't Really change for a Year or so. Then I Totally Lost it.... Made the Jump to 18" wheels.... Lambo Doors.... Custom Front bumper made using a Fiberglass Camry Bumper... And WAY More to come. This is where We sit now, Anyway, I know it's bad, But I love it. And this is my main Focus. My Datsun will be a fun toy I can Take up dirt roads, and mess around in, while being able to fix cheap and relatively easy. This however is my Passion project.
  2. This is painful! The suspense of seeing it all is KILLING ME!!!!
  3. Battery Box Aquired
  4. Nice Work!! On occasion I draw stuff as well. This one was a few years back
  5. Hey everyone! So I used to be here often.... but I strayed for a while, got back into VW's, and various other things.... some may remember, most probably won't. ANYWAY! After my Lexus made me HATE owning a "newer" car, I decided it is time to get something "SIMPLE" again to daily. and here it is. 81' 720 - z22 - Nothing crazy. Got it from a buddy of mine, by trading him R33 GTR wheels for it 😂. she is rough, been sitting since 2014, LOTS of rust, but it has character, and I love that. Oh! that reminds me! She goes by Ladybug, because a previous owner decided at one point to cover rusty spots, by BRUSHING BLACK PAINT OVER THE SPOTS! A trend which will continue 😂 Basic plans include: -Roadkill it to run again -Relocate battery to bed (OG tray is DUST) THEN: -Cool wheels from Japan -Euro mk1 Vw front bumper (sorry, Dubber @ heart) -US Spec Mk1 GTI front air dam -Custom Tube rear bumper -Minor interior updates(steering wheel, shift knob, ect) -Weber 32/36 -Header/full exhaust A few friends and I will be learning to Weld on this truck, so look forward to bad Amateur Rust repair 😂 Anyway, here's Pics WARNING! Progress will probably be sorta slow, as My Cabrio is still my first love, and Priority as a project.... I know. I'm dumb. Glad to be back guys 😈
  6. Excited Guys! getting back Into a Datsun soon! been way to long....
  7. Love the Progress on this! and Congrats on the Newest Family Member! With how low you are, How much clearance do you think the Stacked Tip Muffler will Have to the ground?
  8. excited to continue to see the progress on this!
  9. I have to Admit, I never thought this post would Last 😂
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