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I thought I could post my work here at struggling shop here ,I need to HIRE someone who is a tech and can be taught hose business we make all hoses custom AC,brake hoses and hardlines, pwr. steer, oil cooler and systems remote ect.

Off road ranger 4.0 has super custom front suspension with fat rack,all glass body almost, full caged, rear beefed with king shocks ,(I am repairing hardline and new ss front brake hoses)This is trailered usually !






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That truck and that dog go well togrther.  Lean and most probably mean.  Looks like a German Shepherd and Coyote mix [not intended to be snide, they do exist and are very smart!].

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What a cute puppy, amazing how they turn in to beasts :lol:


This guy is Alaskan Husky/Australian Shepard mix.


Last year on Memorial weekend




one year later :w00t:





Edit: sorry for the dogjack, but it was already heading that way. :D

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Mine is cuter- until she did this ,but my car needed two spots already touched up , then while in garage with cover on she decided to scratch her way in my fresh BLACK rear right door -my little bitch !mans best friend ,was about five months old ,now lives here full time shop bitch.

Cool to jack and dog thread ,I was just posting shop jobs here ,next maybe a couple of pics of 60 Dodge I am trying to paint soon.100_1906.jpg


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I need to HIRE someone who is a tech and can be taught hose business

 Where exactly is this shop? What I lack in experience I more than make up for in willingness and curiosity!  :w00t:

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AC hose re-build

1. Cut alu. ends off old hose and scribe with a file timeing of hose ends.

2. Welded or Alu. brazed with ox /acet. ( YOU NEED COLD TORCH TIP #1 and cold flame) in beginning preheat slow and solder new alu. Nipples on old factory tubeing ,then hit weld with wire wheel..

3. Used my old manual Ac crimper in vise ,and crimp to 50-60 psi. I est by feel ,relaced 18" hose and two new ferrules ,re-crimp and done 45-50$ per section sometimes two.

Last pic car sitting funny looked worthy !Here for some touch up !104_1726.jpg104_1727.jpg[url=http://s1183.photobucket.com/user/Alleycatgarage/media/104_1728.jpg.html]104_1728.jpg[url=http://s1183.photobucket.com/user/Alleycatgarage/media/104_1725.jpg.html]104_1725.jpg

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More of Betsy's ass shot when cust. are not watching we swap wheels for your input and neg 's ,I am saying this is a win with 14x6.5s maybe roll to jccs ,but keep watching for next high heels.Sorry Zerow but looks great !104_1739.jpg[104_1740.jpg104_1741.jpg[104_1742.jpg

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1st  Pic is grinding out pink filler (old body work 20yrs old maybe)had cracked , ,see if you see man in filler , the others are some bodywork done ,had to pull a couple spots and shrink to make flat ,need to use stud welder sometimes even though you can get behind metal for shrinking  ,also trying to keep work area small ,most of car is fine except Inland Empire sun facing surfaces beat up clear coat ,Upol Euro clear is going to give us free material to repair but man a lot of work still to re-clear car and do some small body repairs , will post door is in filler already.

  The last pic with Weds 16x7s +10 . I can't get over difference with wheels ,you guys may not like this but wheels and stance make up 75% of car looks in my opinion ,need both for complete package .

  As always here in office listen to weird music station on PC  ,you may get hooked www.indie1031.com hit listen live ,breakfast with the Smiths in morning cool show , and Passport approved  Euro trash.









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Sanded big door with two foot stick on sanding block for big surfaces , 80 with big block and I used guide coat twice on filler and blocked out  80 grit ,,then 180/220 into primer coat , hurry! 





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She will look fantastic when it is all said and done. Hard to look at these photos, though...

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I have been roughing out a VW  thing and replaced motor mounts on this SER street fighter with DET ,the guy seems to want to go fast and these really do with fwd has 3" exhaust no muffler ! Last pic my friends 18rg we were working on rare !    Almost posted another turtle oic so here goes!Not photoshoped I hatch eggs in incubator if she lays this year !Cal. desert turtltes 14" only across Rocky and Gertrude . 104_1814.jpg104_1815.jpg104_1816.jpg104_1807-1.jpg104_1806-1.jpg104_1803.jpg104_1660.jpg104_1810.jpg104_1813.jpg










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 My Colt leaving ,I hope Gerald new owner gets on, here and introduces him self ,I told him Colt Cult following ,and we would love to see it at JCCS or our meets(he lives near Manteca) ,other oic is my cust. with a 53 Studebaker truck ,way ahead of its time ,I have one stored here .104_1829.jpg104_1828.jpg




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