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  1. Super pump on the progress!! 👌
  2. Getting to pro level now! 👌
  3. Could’ve fooled me, I thought this wasn’t your first rodeo. I’m more in awe now. Lol
  4. I have to ask, what are your plans for the drivetrain?
  5. How often have you used that one disc for the warping? Can’t remember the name of the disc..
  6. I’m a little surprised the battery tray area isn’t worse to be honest. Lol This build thread seriously has me checking in here for updates every day. Awesome work!
  7. Probably a dumb question but where do you get the replacement metal you’re welding on? Always a metal yard or do you salavge it? Thicknesses?
  8. Sweet! Good to know the disk worked out for you. I’m definitely going to pick one up when my time comes.
  9. Let me know how that disk works out for you, I’ve only seen the little torch with hammer and dolly method so I’m definitely curious to see if that actually works like it shows on the demonstration video.
  10. Maaann I have a soft spot for s130s even though I haven’t owned one personally (yet). Wheels are looking good, can’t wait to see it with the skirts and dam.
  11. Looks like you’re just blasting away at this project! Those wheels look on point as they are for my taste. By the way, would you recommend getting a multiprocessor welder or to just stick to a one type welder? p.s. noob question, but how is that shrinking disk used exactly? Never seen one before.. 🤔
  12. Sucks to see all that bondo but awesome that you’re attempting to save it from certain doom. 👍
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