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  1. Homeboyx

    SoCal Fun Run - Get your Datsun Ready! Sunday, 10/26.

    50/50 chance I might be able to make it. :/
  2. Homeboyx

    Lucy the 240Z

    Woooah mama! Nice score!
  3. Homeboyx


    Wait a minute... isnt she the one that offered a blowjob to the person who makes her the best thing out of legos? LOL
  4. Homeboyx


    She's 22!!?!? :O
  5. From what I have witnessed, if you gift a vehicle, he will not cherish it. As others have said, bribing teens to graduate high school can only hurt them in the long run imo. Some will always need bribing in order for them to accomplish anything, for them. Although, there is always that one in a dozen good kid that will appreciate the hell out of that truck cherish it like a discovered pirate treasure. My advice, sell it to him. That way, if he treats it like trash you won't feel so bad. Just my spare chump change...
  6. Homeboyx

    240Z Restoration Photos-Series 1

    Thats exactly what I want to do to my shell! So jealous...
  7. Homeboyx

    First Project Car- '77 280z auto-x/track car

    My god... needs more phone wallpaper material!
  8. Homeboyx

    girls in jeans

    Mmmmm...so many goodies.
  9. Homeboyx

    Wrecking Yard Report

    Has anyone gone to the wilmington yards recently?
  10. Homeboyx

    Wrecking Yard Report

    Has anyone gone to the wilmington yards recently?
  11. Homeboyx

    JCCS,registration opens tomorrow.

    Im hating myself for not being able to make it! We need some pictures in here!
  12. Homeboyx

    Pic's of your Z

    Gorgeous Z!
  13. Its either between being a lazy ass and do absolutely nothing, go to Bobs burgers for the meet, or go to a club to get shit faced.. ahh.. decisions decisions..

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