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  1. vicdat

    Early Toyota Celicas

    The 70's Toyotas were a bit porkier and over engineered than the D's. Also the earlier Toy engines were usually just one step behind in technology and power.... Vicdat
  2. vicdat

    new drum brakes keep pulsing and dragging on 720

    In the olden days we always had the new shoes arc'd at the machine shop at the same time that the drums were turned or replaced. This made for a near perfect fit with no pulsing and easier to install and adjust. They just don't do this anymore since drums are getting rarer, and places like O'reillys have no clue... Vicdat
  3. vicdat

    fuse keeps catching fire.

    I agree that early Datsun fuse boxes mounted under the hood are a really weak link so check that component first. I also have been using lifetime warranty O' Reilly's (formerly Kragen; formerly Trak Auto) alternators on my old Japanese cars...at best I get about a year out of each one before it blows a diode or takes a wicked dump. Fortunately its about a 30 min job on a Datsun (a good hour on my 87 Celica GTS). Vicdat
  4. vicdat

    Ignition on - I got nothing.

    I had the same problem on my '79 King Cab...turned out it was the Negative battery cable,,,it had a long term case of the greenish oxidation inside the cable and only made sketchy or intermittent contact (even with super clean terminals)...eventually it just quit working...New cable and problem solved. Vicdat
  5. vicdat

    Early Toyota Celicas

    Don't forget the 4th gens with the G motors and some w/ AllTrac and turbo haha Vicdat
  6. vicdat

    14" tires are they still made?

    I've had deecent results from Nankang 611 Toursports in 205-60-14 (I bet the 195's are easier to find). My first set lasted about 60,000...now I'm on my second set which are wearing evenly with almost 30.000 on them. These are readily available in SoCal at Discount Tire in Azusa, and America's Tire in Puente Hills (they quoted $340 with lifetime balance and rotate). (Don't tell anyone but these are on my 4th gen Celica GTS) Vicdat
  7. vicdat

    SE-R-enity: The Shittier Skyrine

    How about some motor pics...
  8. vicdat

    1959 DatMorris

    Talk about Old English...the frame of the early Datsun Roadsters (60's) looks like it came straight off of some old MG or Singer... with x-bracing, etc. BTY...I remember back in 1960(I was eight) when my folks came home w/ a brand new Bug-eye Sprite from Richter Motors in South Gat, CA hahaha Vic
  9. vicdat

    Alleycatgarage So Cal shop

    ...as opposed to "non-working" disc brakes???
  10. vicdat

    Alleycatgarage So Cal shop

    Hey Brad, I like those tiny Taiwan-spec taillights...way cooler that the bulky US 521's Vicdat
  11. vicdat

    Alleycatgarage So Cal shop

    How'd the 610 wagon come out???
  12. vicdat

    Alleycatgarage So Cal shop

    Where do we get the cool Alley Cat Decals??
  13. vicdat

    Alleycatgarage So Cal shop

    What's your latest project ???
  14. vicdat

    Alleycatgarage So Cal shop

    What about pix of the blue Ford Van??
  15. vicdat

    Alleycatgarage So Cal shop

    The repaint of the hood and top look good...Mike should be happy :rofl:

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