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  1. There's also another way to cheaply get deecent electronic ignition spark for you old L series.....20 years ago or so I bought a Velleman K2543 Electronic Ignition Kit for like $20 (available at old electronics stores like Marvac, RadioCrack, etc)...I installed it in a small "watertight" enclosure on the firewall. If you can solder this is a super easy and fast project (remember the old Heath Kits??) It has a built-in heatsink too. This unit lasted many years in my '73 610, but was finicky if it got a little too much moisture. I replaced it eventually with the same unit, but this time I mounted it inside out of the way on the kick panel. Also - If you use a standard 4-prong trailers light connectors they can easily be made to be removed......also....if it went bad on me out on the road, it was just a simple wire change to use the points in an emergency. This is because the kit still uses the stock points but only as breakers, so they never get hot, burn, or wear out. I'd still change the points every few years anyway cause the spring will eventually weaken. Vicdat
  2. My guess is a bad positive battery cable...maybe it has the greenish oxidization inside like my "79 Kinkcab had which gave mine similar symptoms..... Vicdat
  3. The basic dash knobs were readily available back in the day...I think mine came from JC Whitney or PepBoys. They had the small a set screw and an aluminum base. Worked perfect for a couple decades on my bitchin '70 Lil Hustler (medium blue) that I got new as a senior at Lynwood High..... Vicdat
  4. Hi Eomund, I applaud your moxie on approaching this often touchy subject. I like it. My old 521 had the wood knobs and steering wheel - which is obviously where you are going in the near future. Lots of other places on a truck for wood too.....maybe source a true cab height Perris Valley Camper Shell for the full Monty. Vicdat Yes we're still doin Datsuns in the SGV (AlleyCat/Hosestop) hahajaha
  5. vicdat

    Cranks but won't Start

    Yeah....the old F'up firing order (especially common on an L motor) will bite ya every time.... Vicdat
  6. vicdat

    12" tire options?

    Good job of spelling tires with the preferred Limey "y" application since the Ferret is British....hahahajaha
  7. vicdat

    12" tire options?

    Hey PDP8, As far as manufactures go, I've just (about a year ago) installed my third set of Nankangs on my Celica GTS (i know, that's a dirty word). They handle and wear well. The first two sets (TourSports) lasted about 40-45 thousand miles each. My current set of 'kangs are CrossSports which I think are a slight upgrade. They were one of the few brands that I trusted for the hard to find 205-60-14 size. I'm sure 12's or 13's are even harder to source, especially any wider than 185's ... Vicdat
  8. Yup - youll need a new socket....over time (decades) the little lead humps get recessed down so far that they will short-out regularly, especially if they get wet.
  9. Check with Timothy Leary....
  10. A coolant recovery rad cap will have a black rubber gasket that seals up tightly letting the coolant go back and forth...the old style caps have a metal washer that releases the overflow down the tube losing it forever. The spring valves are probably similar for both caps. As Mike said be sure to switch caps. Almost any type of container is OK for these DIY versions. (The later 620's would probably fit in the stock location) Vicdat
  11. What? No country gravy?? That's a staple in Oklahoma.... Vicdat
  12. ....kinda looks like the outline of Antarctica... Vicdat
  13. Yeah ....this was 40 years ago....I wasn't so smart back then.... Vicdat
  14. Since your tray cleaned-up so nice I say leave the battery box in the front....out of sight/out of mind is a recipe for disaster. I hate long battery cables running all over and under - the old VW Bugs all caught on fire at least one in their lives due to this (and crappy fuel lines) Vicdat610
  15. It's good to see your little poke evolve: The little two barrel Weber should do nicely....maybe get a matchbox or upgrade away from the finicky points. (Don't waste you time or money on a header tho....) The carb adapter is kind of a pain in my opinion - if possible get a Canon manifold which doesn't need an adapter. That's my two centavos. Vicdat
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