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ratty 521 to match my 411


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um here arent any.... i did take it to the 9k racing meet/party the other night and went out for some latenight loading dock drifting, waiting on some videos to be posted up. she was sliding at full lock....

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you dont need more hp. im on a stock l16 bottom end, an open chamber u67 and a weber ... maybe 70hp if im lucky... just gotta weld your diff and throw it in the corners hard and mash some gas lol

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would our opinions really sway ur decision? 


only jrocks..... lol


Will 12s fit over your brakes?


yes tristan.. a 15x12 will fit....


why?just cause or what.


cause i can, and i want as die of flares as possible lol go big or go home... then go bigger


i think he means 12 in wide....




i think : /


yessir..... tristan is just dumb... although i did consider running my 13 inch sambas on it with adapters to 4 lug..... just for shits and gigs.....

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