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ratty 521 to match my 411


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heres the newest thing that will be going i the truck after i build it.... ca18det i got from aintnobiscuit. got a s14 t28, 460# injectors, blitz access ecu, 2.5 intakes, block, head, pistons... minus crank and just about every bolt lol. prolly gonna pick up an n/a to fill out the missing stuff.



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so i blew up the free motor i got from drewsdime, it soun a bearing. there is a l16 with u67 head sitting in the shop right now that i have assembled and it will be going in tonight. lets see if this ones will last a lil longer.... motor #3... but in my defense the first 2 were both well used and in somewhat unknown condition.

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hopefully.... i got my filter at orielly and they only had one and it was an off brand that i wasnt happy about but i got it anyways, fired up the motor last night.... it pushed the oring off the filter and shot 3qts of oil out the block. im gonna go throw it on their counter later and demand a refund and go buy a wix somewhere else that carries them.

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well i fixed the droopy tails... they are now at a fully intentional angle. they dont look like they are half assed lol. i cant bring myself to run em stock, it grabs ppls eyes and alot of ppl tell me they love it.... most of all i love it and its part of the direction im going with the truck.

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so i may have got a set of 15x12 -63 daytona steelies... and i may have got a 225/50 stretched on them..... and i may have mocked them up on the truck to see what i have to do to run em....
















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hahaha thats what everyone there was saying. i have another bed that im gonna use and its gonna get cut and "pulled".... basically gonna make it look like it was all rediculous stretch/pull on stock sheet metal

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True the 80 didn't stretch, they also didn't flare like I'm gonna, or go as low with thus wide of a setup... But to counter your 80s comment... Do you ever listen to music from the 80s, it's still good, so are some of the car mods.

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