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Tangents 68 521

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The wheels just came back from the powdercoater... things are coming together.





next just to need to find some cool datsun badges and insert them in place of the infinity symbol

Today I put new lugs on the rears.. used a longer lug and ground a flat side on them like the stock lugs.






these were bought at O'Reileys


and Im using a 1/2 inch spacer as well, Ive got Finelines brackets and Disc brakes all the way round, and was only getting about a 1/2 inch of space between the inside of the wheel and the leaf-springs as well as the bed of the truck.. I am planning on running 245/45/R18's

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mmm, parliament. nice patch on the wall...oh and the wheels look HOT!


you dont miss a thing


I can't wait to take mine to the powder coaters... those look great. I see yer toes though... kinda weird... anyways, yes those look sick you need to get them mounted and pictures taken as soon as possible.


ohh shit, and thats not even the wierdest part... it cuts off on the right foot before you get to the funky toes.. see how it looks like ive only got 3 toes on the right foot... man thats the ugly foot, LMAO I was in my underwear... lucky my Johnson wasn't blocking half of the shot, I must have had it Tucked....


What you observant fellows did miss is the half a nightie showing hanging on the wall... ;)

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You know you can get blank centers for these wheels right?????
Ive heard that and ive looked, but I havnt found them yet... if youve got a link ill take it... I am kind of looking for a datsun badge of some kind that i can bondo into the centers

.. but havnt seen anything I've really had to have yet..


Oh and they are at the tire shop right now, so well get to see what they look like on here in a couple hours :))

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Pics of the wheels mounted..











The only change I would make is buying 255's I like the look of the tire flaring out past the rims, and i dont plan on trying to tuck these, and with my 1/2 inch spacer I have plenty of room left on the inside to clear the springs..

I think Ill call them and see what kind of hit I would take swapping to the 255's

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Wow its amazing all they cool datsun parts you guys can get up there.. wish i could find a Papa Johns hat for my 521 :D



Yeah when i get it down off of the jackstands and my tools are in It again, it will come down about a 1/2-3/4 of an inch. It looks high right now, cause i dont have my tools in it and had it jacked up by the frame for a while and the axle dropped and it hasnt been driven and settled back down. Do they make 4 inch blocks?? Another inch would be good, maybe 1 1/2.

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looks nice with disks back there. Are you going any lower? I had mine this low :D





yeah, but did you have suspension travel? Oh wait, who needs suspension when you can be lllloooowwww:cool: :cool:

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yeah, but did you have suspension travel? Oh wait, who needs suspension when you can be lllloooowwww:cool: :cool:


It actually rod better than my 620 I daily drive now:( Once I get the exhaust re routed I should be able to take out the bump stops and get a little more travel.

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All the front suspension back in, new bearings, seals, tie rods, centerlink, idler arm, bushings, kingpins, Finelines Disc Brake Conversion, 280zx M/C.. rear is plumbed up to the Portioning valve.. All that remains is to plumb the front and bleed it:D Oh and have my paint and body girl to finish what she has started.:P











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Owww I love pics :D


That is one straight bed!!! no rust either.


Your before and after is going to be amazing when you take it for a spin.


Dude you could wiggle the wheel like a 1/4 inch in any and I mean ANY direction before.. Now everything is tight. It used to have some serious camber, but now it looks right.. Ill have to pound a little in the fenderwells, full turn it is gonna rub a bit.. cant wait to drive it.

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2eDeYe;8028']Those wheels look bitchin black...


Yep we can run the vintage plates. You have to do a bit of paperwork tho...


Are you gonna stay with the baby blue?


Im planning on White...for some reason I think all Datsuns look better white.

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