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Not sure if it's been posted but the interior light is still available from Nissan as of 10/1/2012. The only difference is that it comes with a clear lens compared to the white lens I have seen on some 510's.


Part Number is 2641029R01



Transmission bushing at bottom of 280Z shifter - believed to fit many Datsuns - part no 32861-N4200



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Speedo Sleeve & Blue Pinion... parts are for a '79 810 has an 18 tooth assembly...

THIS... 32703-78102..... 18 tooth pinion gear FITS INTO THIS...32707-R5600..... pinion sleeve assy [for speedometer pinions with 16 to 19]



I used the above parts to fix my '79 620 5-speed.  I have no idea if it originally came with a 5-speed or if trans is from a different vehicle. :)

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If looking to buy and/or sell it must be in the ... http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/category/7-electrical/?sort_key=date_added&sort_order=desc  ... forums. The forums are just that...... a place for discussion and information sharing.


PN# 25360-N4400 is a passenger side door switch for the interior lamp. This one was only used on the mid year '75 and up 280z. and has a single wire with the switch being grounded to the body. Similar year 710, 610, 620 maybe and likely others, have them but two wires with a separate ground. You find one, you can just use a self tapping screw to ground the wire.

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Hello there,

Was looking in the part # thread for info but couldn't find what I needed.

Hoping someone can help.

I have an original item in NGP package that states:"NISSAN SASH-BACK WINDO" with part#79710-21001

Could you please tell me what it is for?



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From what I can find this part # is for the weather strip for the back window of a Sedan.

That's what I was told but I wasn't sure.


Do you happen to know if it matters between 2 & 4 door sedans? And just to be clear, that's a 510 sedan, correct?


Thanks a bunch Kelmo!

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