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  1. 5% discount good until 12/15/2019 121345191113620319
  2. 5% Discount code good thru Dec 8 2019 120914517113247777
  3. If you are using a Weber carb, It is possible that the high angle on some hills is causing fuel from the carb bowl to spill into the air horn. There is an article on Weber carb modification to help alleviate this. http://www.lcengineering.com/LCNewsletter/2014/NOVEMBER/weberCRAWL_TECHNOTE.html
  4. Similar topic from the510 realm. Perhaps this might work. http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=15878&p=162389&hilit=Grommet#p162389
  5. The plan is for a street car with ocasional auto cross or track day. Drivability is desired if possible with some compromise. I do want to run the GT2256 turbo (I think it’s a 22 mm turbine and 56 mm compressor) and a small water to air charge cooler. I also have a megasquirt ecu (still need to build the intake) and Ford EDIS setup.
  6. I also have a closed chamber A87 head. Maybe I can play with the combustion chamber quench shape and unshroud the valves to lower the static compression. is it worth running higher static compression, low boost and less timing? Perhaps it would have better drivability and wider power band at the expense of peak power.
  7. I originally posted this on the 510 realm. I was hoping to get more opinions. I need some advice for a U67/L20B (0.5 mm to 1mm over-bore). The intent of this request is to decide on the best valve size option for the head.The head will be used with a small Garrett GT2256 turbo. The head appears to have the original brass intake valve seats so I was thinking of getting new seats added. Since I was going to get this done I decided to get new valves. SI has intake valves in 43 mm, 44 mm and 46 mm. They also have exhaust valves in 35 mm and 38 mm. What valve sizes would be best for this combination? Keeping in mind that I plan to bore the L20B to 0.5 mm or 1.0 mm at this time and I'm not sure what the requirements would be for un-shrouding the valves in the combustion chambers. I'm also not sure if going for the largest valves is the best move.
  8. Is this a 510? Are you running yellow Mercedes fog lights in place of your highbeams? I think there has been a documented concern in the past where the metal headlight housings from these Mercedes foglamps can create a ground path and cause the lights to stay on all the time. this is not likely your concern but it is a place to look.
  9. Info from parts manual at carpartsmanual.com Early fuel tank without evaporative emission controll: late vehicles with evaporative emissions: Early fuel piping: Late Fuel piping:
  10. I found my 280zx switch. It measures 32mm.
  11. I got 38mm as well. 1969 510 on left and 73 240z on right. Both 38mm. I seem to recall 280ZX had a smaller diameter
  12. Here is some info from a previous discussion on this topic. http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=25163&sid=302d1e05417feb8f3dc4fd0fed40950a
  13. 5220722246676090 This discount code expires on December 11, 2016
  14. This one is good until 11/27/2016 5170451427126265
  15. I think Hainz may be on to something. Confirm the driveline angles. If the differential pinion angle is out it could create vibration under acceleration. Edit, try searching for articles on setting the pinion angle: http://www.hotrodhotline.com/md/html/drive_shaft_harmonics.php
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