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  1. D52E

    Headlights High Beams Always On

    Is this a 510? Are you running yellow Mercedes fog lights in place of your highbeams? I think there has been a documented concern in the past where the metal headlight housings from these Mercedes foglamps can create a ground path and cause the lights to stay on all the time. this is not likely your concern but it is a place to look.
  2. D52E

    1969 Gas Tank Venting

    Info from parts manual at carpartsmanual.com Early fuel tank without evaporative emission controll: late vehicles with evaporative emissions: Early fuel piping: Late Fuel piping:
  3. D52E

    72 510 steering column diameter

    I found my 280zx switch. It measures 32mm.
  4. D52E

    72 510 steering column diameter

    I got 38mm as well. 1969 510 on left and 73 240z on right. Both 38mm. I seem to recall 280ZX had a smaller diameter
  5. D52E

    Sending unit 510 gas tank

    Here is some info from a previous discussion on this topic. http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=25163&sid=302d1e05417feb8f3dc4fd0fed40950a
  6. D52E

    Rock Auto Discount Codes go here

    5220722246676090 This discount code expires on December 11, 2016
  7. D52E

    Rock Auto Discount Codes go here

    This one is good until 11/27/2016 5170451427126265
  8. I think Hainz may be on to something. Confirm the driveline angles. If the differential pinion angle is out it could create vibration under acceleration. Edit, try searching for articles on setting the pinion angle: http://www.hotrodhotline.com/md/html/drive_shaft_harmonics.php
  9. D52E

    1980 L20b Crankcase breather mesh missing

    Should still be available from NISSAN:
  10. D52E

    intermittent short

    I had a similar issue I second this, my switch on the side of my dogleg trans would intermittently short on the trans tunnel.
  11. D52E

    Weird 69 510 Gas Tank Vent Setup

    Parts diagram for an early car is below. Edit - Depending on the engine you are using and your desire to run the evaporative emission equipment. you can connect the vent line from the tank to the evaporative control valve or an evap canister (assuming you instal one).
  12. D52E

    '72 510 dome light

    Did you use an original type lamp. I recall that I ended up using a Sentra light with several electrical pins so I had to make some small wiring changes. On a related note, the original type lamp is also grounded by one of the attaching screws. The wiring diagram shows 2 wires going to the lamp. Power from the fuse block and a ground coming from the door switches. It looks like the light switch selects the ground circuit to the bulb. It either gets ground from the door switch or from the ground screw on the lamp assembly. See room lamp on the wiring diagram. The original 510 light is on the right side. The left is a late 1980s Sentra light
  13. It's been a little while since I took mine apart but I do remember drilling out the pin and removing the face cap to extract the key cylinder on my post 1969 510 (I think 1968 is removed by paper clip). you should be able to remove the key cylinder after the pin and cap are gone. The 240/260/280 assembly should be compatible with the column mounted 510s. I used a switch from a 280z (NOT a 280zx).
  14. D52E

    Harmonic balancer for a naps z?

    It's been a while since I took these pictures but I do believe there is some rubber between the weight and the hub.
  15. D52E

    Harmonic balancer for a naps z?

    My Z22 balancer:

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