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  1. Profsr

    Part numbers

    Would you happen to have that fuel sending unit for the Patrols (17291-44002)? Thanks
  2. Profsr

    1969 Patrol

    Dissassembly.... Some pics of the sand blasting...Never done it before so this was fun. Some panels were salvageable but other i had to buy new. Had to get both fenders, inner fenders and floor pan. The firewall was not in bad condition so i ended up using that. I did have to buy a parts truck so i kept the best of both and ended up with what you will see below.... More to come....
  3. Profsr

    My 1975 Datsun 280z

    Oh my that is a sweet car. Congrats.
  4. Profsr

    1969 Patrol

    Lol. I actually prefer McDonald's eh...
  5. Profsr

    1969 Patrol

  6. Profsr

    1969 Patrol

    The day I picked it up.... [/url]
  7. Profsr

    1969 Patrol

    Looking for shims and locking plate to mount the brake cylinders for the rear wheels. Also a brake master cylinder.
  8. Profsr

    1969 Patrol

    Jester the resto is already in progress. I have been at it for over a year now. I will post pics as soon as I am able to. I joined this group to see if I can get some help finding some part and also see if there is more knowledge out here that will help me along the resto. Seems like there are a few Patrolees out here as well who are not on the 60patrol forum.
  9. Profsr

    1969 Patrol

    Ratpatrol66 the camo truck is long gone the roof of the top was quite a bit rusty so I ended up scrapping it. It was about 2 years ago. I do have a spare set of rear barn doors though. Once I finish mine I am going to take inventory of what's left and post it online.
  10. Profsr

    1969 Patrol

    Mike, I tried that but I got a message that I cannot post photos till I have 5 posts or something like that.
  11. Profsr

    1969 Patrol

    Thanks guys. Keith I an in love with your Patrol. That is a beauty. Mine is sort way there as well but I am running into parts issues. Know anyone who might have some spare brake parts?
  12. Profsr

    1969 Patrol

    Fellows, hope all is going well. My name is Sudeep and am originally from India. Came to Canada about 20 years ago. Found a 1969 Patrol in a farm not too far from here about 2-3 years ago. My love affair for Patrols started when I was a kid in India. Dad was in the army and jonga was the vehicle of choice. Having spent most of my childhood in them seeing this one brought old memories back. Now I am not a mechanic (but have friends who are) so taking on the task of restoring this beauty was no easy decision. Anyway followed my heart and here I am two years after putting it back together (with lots of help). Needless to say I am running into some road blocks so time and time again I will be seeking your advice. Will be posting some pics within a day or so. Just wanted to say hi. http://s192.photobucket.com/user/makhna/media/Patrol/Patrol01.jpg.html Cheers
  13. Profsr

    pic of your truck

    New to this forum. Have a 69 Nissan Patrol currently under restorations....Hope its OK to post here.

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