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  1. kondog

    pic of your dime

    Here's one from last week
  2. Went to a local meet today and the driver/photographer of the green wagon introduced himself. No shots of the Datsun rolling with the two Lamborghinis though :(. Now that would have been a good pic.
  3. I'll take the bump and still hope to find the driver. This kinda feels like a missed romance post in craigslist
  4. I am looking for the driver of a green goon. We were both driving north on the 405 after jccs and there was two lamborghinis on my (silver 510) left. You were snapping pics of my car while we were cruising, I was wondering if you got any of my car with the lambos? Anyone here fit this description?
  5. if i get my car back in time i’ll cruise by for sure. no blazing though huh?
  6. kondog

    O. C. Datsun Meeting

    Definitely gonna try to stop by if I get off work at a decent time.
  7. I used to own a 1973 bmw 2002 tii that I bought for 4k I drove the crap out of and sold for 6.5k 3 years later. That same car in the same condition is now commanding at least 10k a pristine modded one sold on ebay for 34k a few months back. It has been 8 years since I sold it. The way I see it it's a good thing that people are starting to appreciate these little cars whether it be an old datsun or bimmer. Porsche 912 could be found for around 7k 10 yrs ago and now they can go up to 30k. I plan on keeping the 510 for awhile and hopefully when I do sell it I'll premium bucks. These cars are only worth what the next guy is willing to pay and I'm hoping the next guy has a fat wallet, lol.
  8. got a pic of your setup. I was at Hilco and we tried more than a dozen different screws. I want it to look right and not too frankensteined.
  9. changed out my valve cover today.
  10. I am having a tough time finding the right screws for this I tried a search with nothing.
  11. ill take a good set headlight eyebrow trim if thats what they are called.
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