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  1. Distributor Cap - Part Number 22162-19M01 Distributor Rotor Part Number 22157-U6091
  2. Yes i cheked the line clamps and also change the hose but i think the problem is in the pump... I was thinking about an electric pump... but it is better? I would prefer to put a mechanical pump because this is the stock pump, and it was working well until now, and the car has more than 600K kilometers. I also have a weber 32/36... is the electric pump better for this carb?
  3. Hello! I just write to ask you guys a question. I have a Datsun 160J with an L16 engine. I have to change the fuel pump because after 2 or 3 days without starting the engine the fuel filter and fuel line became empty. I just read here that L16, L18, and L20b fuel pumps are all interchangeable. Mine it's an Atsugi L18w. Here in my country there isn't any replacement, so i have to buy it online. What it is better? Kyosan Denki, Part number: 17010-U6027 Airetx, Part number: 1096 Nikki, but i don´t know the part number? I don´t find any Atsugi fuel pump. Can you help me about what it is better and it´s part number? Thnaks a lot!!!
  4. Ok! I'll seek some coil with that resistance so!!!
  5. Great, then when i gonna buy the Hei module i will buy a MSD Blaster 2 coil too! :thumbup: and I 'll modify the plate to! Thanks again for all the advice
  6. Yes i'm planning to change my L16 distributor. The new one have 22100 N5907 stamped at the sides. So now i will try the HEI module and modifying the plate! You really help me a lot! Thanks!
  7. Hello, this is the first time i 'm writing here... I have a Datsun 160J, L16(s) engine. I changed the nikki carb to a weber 32/36 dgev withou any problems (red line kit). The next i will try, is to swap my distributor, y have a Hitachi D411 and i bought a D4F6 (Cardone 31-620). I knew i have to change the rotor and distributor cap also. The problem is that i have the L16 pedestal and timing plate, the timing plate doesn´t fit, i also realize that this distributor insn´t a matchbox so i need a control module, i was planing to use a msd street fire, is that correct? I also have to change the pedestal and timing plate? or can i use the actual pedestal and modifying the timing plate to fit on my D4F6? Thanks a lot if you can give me a little help. Here are some liks to the pics of what i'm talking about (i could't upload the pic): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzV5CEXJ_RpNWFZDVldlaHRMb2hoUFg4XzFjcDRfTW5iaUFz/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzV5CEXJ_RpNLURQbHRNb1BrSWZ4TWp6YzhLTTA3VlM3eTFB/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzV5CEXJ_RpNVlYzLWZDdXQyNnpfOC10RjVPSHl1M3BBcUZj/view?usp=sharing
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