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620/720 KA24 Motor Mount brackets


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Do you need the KA in the engine bay to get the measurements you need? 


I might be able to toss it in temporarily just in the interest of getting you what you need, well, and a set of mounts that fit my needs, lol


Not asking for a free set, in case it sounds like I was.  Your work deserves cash in your pocket for sure.

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I would need the motor in the engine bay and the trans bolted to the cross member at the stock location. It would need to be the 31.5" trans that is probably stock to your truck, if you have a NAPZ motor in there.


Which trans are you planning to use?



It would be worth a free set if I could take some reliable measurements and be able to design mounts for the 720. Without measurements there is no design without a design I have no 720 mounts to sell.  :)

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Plans are for a 240sx manual trans mated to a DE from the same, if that helps.


The original drivetrain is the one I had for sale recently, but then decided to use in a D21.


I suppose I could bolt the KA and the original Z series trans together for the test fit if that makes for a better info gathering set up for you.  I probably wouldn't go as far as mounting all the accessories though, starter, belts, etc.


Main issue is trying to get it all done in a reasonable amount of time.  I'm going to be gone for the last half of October, and I'm swamped with other crap right now.  Does early November still work for you?  If so I'll contact you via PM once I get back to set up a meet time after I have the KA and trans in the shell.

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I would just need the block bolted to the Z series trans in there at the stock cross member location. I can use a set of stock KA mounts to figure out what modifications need to be done and take measurements with.


Early November works for me, really whenever is convenient for you.


Thanks :)

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No clue, but I am doubtful.

If the engine side brackets and the rubber isolaters are the same as the 620 they would work.



To those that have contacted me about purchasing mounts, I am slacking on this latest run due to the holidays and work being a bit crazy. I should be able to get this batch welded up by Sat and out to powder coat on Monday. 

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I'm not sure. There's a kid in my town with a 620. I think im gonna bring a mount over and try and get a good look in the engine bay. When is your next run? This weekend I was planning on chopping the xmember and hopefully get somewhere with the car.... If you pm me your email address I would be happy to send some pictures of my mounts

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Hey love the MAF bracket and I need one still haven't got the ka24de in the truck but would like to have this on hand when im putting it together how much shipped to 92509 oh and buy the way thanks the ka24de motor mount brackets look awesome will update my build page as soon as I get some progress going

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