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620/720 KA24 Motor Mount brackets


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This is probably a REALLY stupid question… but… consider the source.


ok, so, I recently picked up a car with a KA24E, and an Auto Trans that I’d like to stuff in my 74’ 620 for $100.


You think I can pull this off with those mounts?  The car is a 240SX with an 8/88 build date.  Or do I need a hardbody D21 KA auto?

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Both those automatics are virtually the same. The engine mounts should work there's no difference between man and auto engines. Transmission mount? that's a good question. This assumes the KA automatic mount insulator is in the same position as the 71B 5 speed. It may be, but assume not.


8/'88 is the second month of production for the S13. The early KA engines (07 through 10'88) had slightly domed pistons and 9 to 1 compression that was later dropped to 8.5 with slightly dished pistons. Keep this in mind if you rebuild later.

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