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620/720 KA24 Motor Mount brackets


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Nope sorry.


I did upgrade the 620 mounts to 3/16 plate and I will have a MAF bracket available soon that mount to the L series smog canister bolts. It will look like this but powder coated black.





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Hey ]2eDeYe interested in a pair of the ka24de brackets for my 74 datsun 620 how much shipped to 92509 and one question my truck came with the L18 can I use motor mounts or to I need the L20 onces???



They are $111.00 shipped. You might be able to use the L18 mounts, I only know for sure that the L20 mounts work.


I have one set ready to go.

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I have designed a bracket for the KA MAF that bolts up to the fender well. It uses some stock holes for smog stuff that is not used if you do the KA swap. 

This is the prototype below, the production bracket will be pre-bent in 1/8 steel plate and powder coated to match the mounts.

I was thinking $50 shipped for this bracket as a single part depending on powder coat cost, does that sound like a decent price?
It would be $40 if it is purchased with a set of mounts as they can all fit in one box.























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I'll let you know when they are ready. :)




Eric Garside posted a great picture of the slotting required on the transmission mount to run the 240sx transmission. 






Trans crossmember, didnt take a before picture but you get the idea. Looks like the previous owner ran it into something.





Up close picture of the elongated mounting holes









Thanks Eric! :thumbup:

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He has been looking for a test fitter.



Last I heard he had a volunteer for test fitter already but was waiting on the results from said volunteer, at least that's what was posted in response to the last time I asked.



He said he was going to test fit them and let me know but I don't think he's gotten around to it yet. We all know how projects can be :lol:



I'd volunteer but I'm no where near ready to test fit. Too many other projects on my plate ahead of this particular 720.

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