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    1974 Datsun 620, 1985 Toyota Corolla(Ae86), 2000 Honda Civic
  1. gunslinger

    Updated pics of my 1974 Datsun 620 check it out!!

    Cashi love the truck looks great wanted to ask if your still making them window visors would love to get a pair for my lil hustler
  2. gunslinger

    76' 620 Ka24de swap (project)

    nice start keep us posted on that custom work im interested to see what you have plan for this beauty im also in the works of swapping in a ka24de into my 74 datsun 620
  3. gunslinger

    Bookend KC 620's ... Father & Son trucks

    Nice progress on the truck I like the idea of the hood bumpers I need some as well I might just end up stealing your idea
  4. gunslinger

    74 datsun 620

    Thanks 5t341tH it has turn into a longer project than I had expected and not to mention all the elbow grease that comes with it and well the money but never the less in my eyes it's well worth it I'm loving how it's turning out and I can't wait to get it all done and on the road again.
  5. gunslinger

    Dad gave me his old 74 620 got alot of work to do

    welcome and great looking truck love the clock on the dash
  6. gunslinger

    74 datsun 620

    So I decided to buy some rubbing compound and wax so i could get the old and tired paint on the truck to shine again cause I like what heretic did to his red and green Datsun 620 gave me the inspiration to do it to my truck and i got to say just after using only the compound it looks great :thumbup: :rofl: loving it can't wait to use the wax but it has been a long and tiring process got to say i used a lot of elbow grease for this little project I'm tackling here but well worth the effort So here is the picture of when i just started to use it on a piece to see the result love it and here is the one where I'm almost done with the door and i only used the rubbing compound on it :devil:
  7. gunslinger

    74 datsun 620

    Ok so when i pulled the L18 out of the truck i scrubbed off some of the gunk that was on the frame cause it was pretty bad i then left it for a while and it started to form some surface rust so what i did was buy some black paint to spray it on did a little more cleaning and then some sanding looks a lot better now I'm also thinking about taking off the bed to spray the whole frame but i will save that task for another day :thumbup:
  8. gunslinger

    74 datsun 620

    Ok so here is the rest of the process the rear inner bearing and seal set and ready to go as well as the outer all lubed And now all I'm waiting for are the Z32 caliper brackets from BEEBANI so I can put it all back on the truck here are the wheel hubs all done with new dust cover on them super excited to get it all done and on the road again B)
  9. gunslinger

    74 datsun 620

    alright i got around to putting the new bearings into the wheel hubs today here is the process i did just remember to take your time and grease them up nicely first i pounded in the lug studs cleaned them up with a wire brush as well as the hubs so they look good just went an extra mile but not necessary I lightly tap the races in and then followed up to seat the properly Here they are in and ready for some grease i used Hi-Temp wheel bearing grease Remember to be generous when you are lubing up the hubs and i didn't have a wheel bearing grease packer so i did it the old fashioned way grabbed a glop of grease and pack it until you could see it come out thru the other side
  10. gunslinger

    74 datsun 620

    Sweet pm me when you are ready to ship them out so I can send payment over
  11. gunslinger

    74 datsun 620

    I bought new sway bar bushings and sway bar links took off all the grime and muck that was piled on the sway bar and sprayed it with some red paint came out nice if i may say so myself anyways there are the part number on the boxes for any one that wants to switch them out cause my where shot and who knows when was the last time anyone changed them out on this truck
  12. gunslinger

    74 ka-t 620*update* MAYBE sale/trade

    OMG what a beast :devil: and yeah if you spread out the spending like that it doesn't seem like a lot but it adds up in the end. Im in the works of dropping in a ka24de from a 92 240sx(s13) into my 74 datsun 620 but I want to run the ka trans i know its more work than just dropping in a trans from a 720 or 280z. I also bought redeyes brackets and icehouse can/am box and also invested my money on front disck convertion just waiting on the brackets from beebani. I'm also doing most of the work at home with basic tools it can be done love your build mam awesome and what do you have in mind for the rear end or does the stock rear end work fine for you I have read that the stock rear end on these trucks make them whine up high on the rpms when you drive on the highways its ok when your cruising around town any feed back on the subject and experience from your truck
  13. gunslinger

    Bookend KC 620's ... Father & Son trucks

    Do you wax it by hand or to you use a machine wondering cause I want to shine up the paint on my truck seems like doing it by hand will take for ever
  14. so awesome love your truck and the dash cap looks very good i need one for my truck as well my dash is in really bad shape and are the rims on the truck center line? looks good
  15. gunslinger

    74 ka-t 620*update* MAYBE sale/trade

    love the turbo ka how does she drive have you had any problems with the swap was thinking about doing the same thing but hesitant to try it as it involves a lot more work and MONEY

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