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620/720 KA24 Motor Mount brackets


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I moved this thread over here to allow adding of other peoples swaps using my mounts and to help address all the little issues that come up during this swap.
This is the link to the ad in the classifieds.

Here is Version 4.0 of my KA24-620 Swap brackets. The mounts are a 3/4" drop from the factory KA mounts. They will fit the KA24E and KA24DE with stock 620 rubber motor mounts and allow you to bolt the KA to your 620. These mounts require the later style 620 rubber motor mount for the L20B.


You will still have to deal with the center link flip/ oil pan clearancing with the 240 DE swap and any other transmission issues due to your choice of transmission. This is not required when using a truck KA. If you run a 720 5-speed from behind a Z-series motor it should bolt to the stock transmission mount at the stock crossmember location.


I also have a MAF and Fuel Pump Bracket available.


All parts are steel, powder coated black and ready to install.







New Fuel Pump Bracket installed.






Reference links for the KA swap.


How to wire a KA, CA, SR, and VG into anything


KA24E into a 620


KA24DE into a 620

apered Insert Info - Flipping the Center link. 

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Helping a local kid put a DE in his 79 620. If I do a bell housing swap off of a 79 5 speed will that be close to correct for mounting the trans? If you know please let me know! Thanks!





Thanks, I guess I didn't word my question correctly.He has a de conversion, came with the transmission and engine complete. Since the 240 tranny uses a speed sensor instead of a cable and is a different length, we were thinking of using the bell housing off of that trans and the innards of a 79 5 speed...thusly morphing the two together. Just wondering if that was feasable or if you even know. K thanks lol



To use the 620 tranny you will need to find the front case from a NAPS Z engine transmission and swap onto the '79 620 5 speed. You avoid the driveshaft shortening and modifying the trans mount but you get a weaker transmission with poorer choice of gears in it


If you have the 240sx 5 speed I would try to run with that even though you will need to shorten the driveshaft, mod the mount and move the shift hole. It's stronger X2 than the '79 620 trans and much, much better gearing. You will end up with a much better product.


The speed sensor can be swapped with a speedo pinion and the stock 620 cable used. If you remove the speedo cable from all the clips and route directly down behind the motor and over the tranny to the pinion drive it should fit. Use which ever pinion you are using now because the pinion is matched to the differential not to the transmission. Using a small angle grinder and a cut off wheel score a new key way on the opposite side (180) from the one that is there now. I did this on my 710 when I changed to an '85 tailstock. Speedo works fine and went to Canby and back.




This will allow a pre '80s speedo drive pinion to fit the newer FS5W71C transmission and replace the electric 'speed sensor'..


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Here's another set installed in acehole_620s truck.





]2eDeYe's KA24DE/E Motor Mounts


Butt Shot




Head Shot






Got the L20b out and the KA in place (needed some massaging) , flipped my centerlink and had a few beers throughout heres the Oics:










Cleaned out my Steering Box (YUCK!!) Way better feeling now that there is new oil in there!




Idler arm and Pitman arm in place w/ Goferit Tapered inserts in place! ( I drill pressed a 3/4 hole in both arms step up drill doesnt work very well, I then pressed the insert on and welded with a few tacs)







KA24DE being set and massaged






Drivers Side ]2eDeYe Mount




Passenger Side ]2eDeye Mount




Centerlink Installed ( 1/4" Clearance at Full Lock!!)








Motor in Place (so happy)








Ok so here's the rundown, the KA and 720 transmission bolted together pretty easily, I had a tough time getting the motor in place, since i really didn't have another body to help me manuever the motor around. ]2eDeye recommended motor mounts, centerlink and crossmember removal for ease of placing the motor in, so i took his advice and just removed the motor mounts and centerlink and lowered the motor and tranny as low as i could, thankfully it worked out, driveshaft yolk needed a little turn to fit the tranny and thankfully again I didnt need to modify my driveshaft..I bolted in my transmission before I did the motor mounts, after the transmission was in place i used a jack to raise the motor high enough to get the motor mounts in place and voila the motor fit like a freakin glove!!



Thanks for the tips and letting me use your pictures man, I'm sure that will help out other folks that use these mounts. :cool:

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Thanks for the tips and letting me use your pictures man, I'm sure that will help out other folks that use these mounts. :cool:


These mounts are like taking a tylenol when you got a headache... you pop em in and you can rest easy! If you're thinking about getting these mounts, don't think twice, follow ]2eDeYe's thread and you'll get you're KA in, in no time! :thumbup:

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with the mounts set as is, is there a way that all emissions equipment could be retained?



Yes the emissions equipment can be retained.


As far as I know, my truck has all the stock emissions stuff. The EGR tube is close to the firewall but it clears and the V2.0 mounts allow more clearance than this setup.


I even have the 240 evap canister plumbed into the stock fuel system.


Not sure why I don't have a pic of mine in here :lol:



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Latest run is back from powdercoat. I have 2 sets available and another run about to start.





Here are a couple pics that Icoblue took of his KA24DE from a Frontier swapped into his 620 using my mounts. He has this truck for sale in the classifieds if anyone is interested in picking up a truck that is already swapped. Some assembly required. :)








his ad.



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Not sure, I don't have a 521 to try them out on. I have been told one of the mounts is 1" or so off when modifying the stock mounts to work in a 521.


I do have a set of mounts that someone built to put a KA into a 521, but I haven't had a chance to compare them to my mounts. Now that you mentioned it though, I can check the differences now that I have some 620 mounts built again.



If anyone is doing a KA swap into a 720, I'd be more than happy to ship a set for test fitting. :)

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Thanks for the purchase seanb :)


One set left, won't get another run done til I finish my front axle swap in the 4x4.





Here's a couple more shots Hermistonkilla took of the Frontier KA swap he recentlly picked up. No need to flip the centerlink with this motor but you do have to grind the engine crossmember a little to clear the pan. You will also need to ditch the Frontier exhaust manifold as it has a buillt in cat and is HUGE. Thanks for letting me use your pictures. :thumbup:











Fit before clearancing the crossmember.












Fit after grinding the crossmember









Here is a shot of the manifold to show why it won't work.



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Thanks for the props :)




I looked at the 521 mounts I got that someone else had made. It looks like both sides move the motor, about 1" fwd on the passenger side and 1" aft on the drivers side...

I didn't build them or even see them in the truck they came from, other than pictures, so I can't really say how well they located the motor. The KA also had an auto bolted to it which doesn't help determine how it fit either.


If someone has 521 and wants a KA installed that is local to me. I can give a hand and figure the mounts out and that person would get the first set no charge. Or if anyone wants to test fit my 620 mounts I would gladly ship them a set to check fitment.



Here's some pics I took of the comparison.



Drivers side mounts






Passenger side mounts



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So, I am all out of mounts at the moment. I have another run coming from my cutter though. If you would like a set this next run let me know.




85720Bullet has graciously volunteered to guniea pig the mounts in a 720. If all goes well, I'll be selling these for that application as well.


As you can see from the pictures of the mounts I got from a KA521 it looks like he may have had the motor in a little crooked as both mounts are out of plane in opposite directions. This leads me to belive these mounts will also work in the 521. Any thoughts on this from you guys with 521s? I personally can't see why the mounts would be different on the 521 versus the 620 running L series motors, but anything is possible... If anyone wants to give them a try in your 521, you can PM me to work out the details.



Thanks to all you guys that have already purchased my mounts, gives me a warm and fuzzy knowing I helped get a bunch of KA 620's on the road :D

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