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  1. wildmaninid

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    No stranger than usual :)
  2. wildmaninid

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    Indeed. Still free of the lice. I hope your roids' are under control HRH ;)
  3. Just because other businesses receive complaints doesn't absolve them of criticism when the pact between customer and seller isn't upheld any more than it does you, Al. Using Wal-Mart as a straw man to excuse your decade of (since I first heard about) lack of business ethics is complete b.s. A simple search will find dozes and dozens of well documented complaints about these matters all with the same outcome: sorry, but you're on your own.
  4. Not everyone gives first rate head to their machinist like you do, HRH. I need some micropolishing done. Miss you, man. Al Allen has been a liar, thief and cheat for many, many years. I believe he's on his 4th or 5th business name. When I had issues with him 5 years ago the business was in his father in laws name, at least that's what my attorney found. Keep at him, Red. I'll be there to back you up.
  5. wildmaninid

    I wish there were more Ratsun-ers in Maine....

    There's another 620 up in these parts? I thought I caught a glimpse of a blue one with a canopy in late 2012, but have yet to see any other Datto's besides a few z's. Post up some pics of your ride, fmj.
  6. wildmaninid

    I wish there were more Ratsun-ers in Maine....

    Maine isn't any bigger than where I was at in Idaho. I routinely drove 3 hours just to get anywhere of note (it was a 45 minute drive to the closest McDonalds even). Most people I meet that were born and raised here have hardly traveled outside of a 50 mile radius of where they were born/lived as kids. Such a different mentality over here, especially with the car scene. I would say it's where I was 15 years ago, but that's a personal observation. I am down to meet some level-headed, like minded guys who are into it for the fun. I have tons of knowledge and the know-how to do lots of datsun things, I just lack any sort of space. That's the worst part about being so far away from the lions share of my tools and stuff. I just feel like I am in limbo here. Good to see that there are a few folks around anyhow. I put my contact info in the 4 door thread, so we should all touch base outside of this forum.
  7. Looking like a good piece of work there, Matt! I am glad you are finally getting to use that engine I sold you!! You should go over that POR with some bedliner like I did on my truck. Helps from it rubbing off, and helps quiet down and insulate the ride. I am proud of you, even though we are on opposite sides of the country. Call me!!
  8. wildmaninid

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    I would be very interested in the body guy as well, especially if he's doing good work at a fair price. It's a little further away than I wanted to be (because ideally I would be doing this all myself, had I a shop) but I would like to see some of his work, maybe have him look at the truck. The hard work is done, there's just a few hours in the box and 2 soft dents on the roof that need some love. No rust to deal with on mine, just some refinishing. Anyhow, I am not on this forum much at all. If you guys are on the book of face, hit me up : Bill Suldovsky or email me billsuldovsky@yahoo.com. It would be neat to get a few dattos together over here, especially some that aren't Z cars ;)
  9. wildmaninid

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    Are you the guy trying to sell the red 411 with rising sun livery on Craigslist?
  10. wildmaninid

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    Yeah, people go nuts here. Every time I drive mine I have people flagging me to roll my window down at lights and stop signs. Last summer, Stephen King said "Nice little Datsun" when I stopped at the intersection right near his house lol. I could have sold it a dozen times over anyhow. Maybe a Datsun meet would be good? I put mine in the Bangor car show last summer, it would be nice to have another Datto there. Anyhow, best of luck. I am still looking for someone to help me with finishing the body work (I painted the bay when I did my KA swap, also did the fenders etc). Everyone here just does either shitty rust repair work or insurance work only.
  11. wildmaninid

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    Hey! I am an old to datsun-new to Maine guy.....relocated to Bangor from the PNW in 12'. Not many Datsuns around here at all. Where abouts in the Pine State are you? Feel free to p.m. me as well!
  12. Bonners Ferry boys KNOW how to Datsun. It's in our blood. Really great idea! Clean and executed nicely. I am proud of you!
  13. wildmaninid

    Northeast Datsun Meetup

    I am up in Bangor. Don't see many Dattos here, and if you do they are Z-cars. I wouldn't mind meeting up with some fellow Datsun owners. I have spoke with a few online but never met anyone.
  14. wildmaninid

    my butt has lice

    Yes it was, Matt. jesus I miss you guys. I miss being close to Spokane so at least I could come hemmoroid with you.....

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