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  1. Checked the choke last time it was running, it was fully open. Even double checked and fired it up again it just to make sure it wasn’t a coincidence, didn’t change. I should note, I pulled that hose off and fuel came out, sorry if I wasn‘t clear.
  2. The bottom picture hose goes to that metal port in the third picture. It’s right to the left of the big hose. The big hose goes to some sort of valve. It’s only disconnected because I pulled up the air cleaner to take a picture. In the last picture (with all the hair stuck to it) that’s fuel residue that has come out of the connected vacuum hose. Only thing I could think of to keep such a strong fuel smell (after a week) is float adjustment. But being rather ignorant of carbs, I’m not quite sure.
  3. Vacuum port, and residue is in the third and fourth pictures
  4. I didn’t personally rebuild it, a carb shop did. However I popped the hood to check out the plug, did not notice a 6 wire but I did smell copious amounts of fuel, (hasn’t run for over a week) and saw that it was draining out of a vacuum line connected from the a 2 port metal piece on the intake manifold to a valve on the passenger fender well. Let me upload pics.
  5. Went to start the truck to take a short trip, pumped gas, choke set, started just fine. Went to pull out of the driveway and the truck bogged, I couldn’t feather the pedal in anyway to keep it running, and it shut off. Attempted to restart and I’d get the initial fire, but it wouldn’t run. Waited for a few minutes, tried again and got nothing. I finally pulled the lid off the air cleaner and got more air to it and was finally able to feather the pedal enough to get it started. It would run fine for 10 seconds, start bogging badly and I’d have to feather the pedal to get it to stay running. I d
  6. Fixed most of the problems, somehow the timing was WAY off. Maxed the distributor out and it's still about 5-7 degrees advanced, going to have to pull the oil pump out and set it. It also has a bad dead spot right off idle that needs to be addressed, if I drop a gear and try to stab the throttle it will quite literally fall on its face if I don't let off. If I ease into the throttle she runs fine, little rich.
  7. I'll have to pick up a set of these in the coming months, do you plan on continuing to make them for sometime?
  8. So, back to this. Truck has been sitting under a canopy out back of the shop since my last post. Been a busy few months. I haven't touched really anything, but I have fired the truck up every couple of weeks and driven it around the parking lot. It still has that odd misfire you can hear in the video, you also cannot rev it from idle, whether cold or warm as it will literally fall on its face, you'll have to let off the gas to make sure it doesn't die. It also has the same issue when it comes to restarting. If I accidentally pump the gas after shutting it off, it will crank over on
  9. Welp. new problem every day at the moment. Yesterday I went to fire it and pull it into the shop (been storing it at the shop for the last couple months.) Pumped the gas once to set the choke, went to crank it, it spun over twice then acted like it seized, and moved the entire truck side to side. Tried cranking again, and it did the same thing. Went back into the shop, came back out and tried again and it fired perfectly. This morning, after she sat in the shop all night, I pumped the gas once to set the choke, and it did the exact same thing. I took a video of the strange misfire going on as
  10. Update, adjusted the high idle cam, adjusted the choke. Truck runs quite a bit better, still idles a little over 1k, if I try to drop it down to 750 it doesn't run very well. Black smoke is gone, and truck goes over 65 without an issue now. Other issue with the random bucking when I come back on the gas is still there. Not all the time, however when driving down the freeway today I noticed random hesitation when applying the gas. If I applied it slowly you could feel the truck back off for a slight second, and then come back to normal. If I mashed the pedal, it would sometimes be completely fi
  11. Little update, put a 30 day temp on it and drove it down the freeway. Truck could barely make it to 65mph, and according to my co-worker following behind me it stunk and was emitting quite a bit of black smoke. At 65mph in 5th gear I could floor it, and you could hear a difference noise wise, but it would not accelerate any further. Temp got to right below midpoint, everything else went fine. Got off the freeway and the RPM's were still over 1500. Another oddity, if I let off the gas for a second to hit the brakes, and went to hit the gas again it would jump pretty well. I will check everythin
  12. Carb was rebuilt due to the accelerator pump spraying fuel, gummed up from never being off the vehicle and sitting most of the time, and it also had an issue on cold starts where it would start puffing black smoke and loping like it had a high lift cam. Carb rebuild has solved that issue, now I just need to get this very high cold start rpm figured out, and then figure out the high idle. It's a 1 owner truck, with 123,000 miles, father bought it brand new off the California Coast in 1983. I drove it all through high school and into college, but it hasn't seen daily driving for clo
  13. As far as adjusting the choke heater, do I want to do it with the engine hot, and just move it till it starts moving the plate then lock it down?
  14. The choke is open all the way once it warms up. Everything I've looked through points to the high idle cam, however I am not 100 percent sure on how to adjust it. Due to it not idling down properly, the lowest I can get it to is 1400 rpm, I was thinking that the two might be related.
  15. I have my memory wire hooked to the constant power from the green plug to the clock. With the factory radio wiring from what I found there is no constant power.
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