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New years day 2012 Datsun's &waffles Whittier

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New years day 2012 ,Whittier Datsuns and waffles (no chicken) at Brad's house, So Cal.Lawrence Keller's BRE 510, Jaime6's710,my son Deans 521,and 5104dr and 620 truck, my buddies Rons beautiful 62 Chevy Nova Vert and Vics 86 Celica GTS next year new year 2013 we will try to have waffles at Alley cat garage shop and maybe a canyon drive near by .ps my 1st photo post.

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You just can't go wrong with waffles and Datsuns! That Nova ragtop is badass!

This was a last minute ,the day before thing ,have had the waffle new year thing before here ,family friendly ,originally New Years day party ,was at Angels house in Whittier( incase someone remember's 10yrs ago) , drag race (Whittier blvd days older people )and Datsun people would show up ,beer & pizza.We were done by 11:00 and the Nova cost 48k to build ,383 alu heads/700r trans with 4link 9" ford rear end.

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You had the waffle meet outside? In January?


Yeah Man!!!! We had a high of about 80 yesterday and we broke a record today 86. This is why all the folks in the north west hate on So Cal. :lol:

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Good for you. Not into large crowds.


Rather be at a smaller cooler place .



Chill out old man.


No need to be old and grumpy.


Being old is one fact of life, but ypu can be old and happy.


Have a nice day !


Sounds like your the grumpy prick here. You know you don't have to comment on someone else's fun.

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I do not think so dude.


I enjoy small meetings like the guy who opened this thread has.


The one who commented on someone elses fun was your bud.


All I said was, what it is, I enjoy smaller meetings, not into large crowds, rather be at a smaller cooler place.


Then comes the comment that "I do not fit" some place. That was not nice.


And on top of that, you come in here and twist things up.


Don't you have better better things to do ?


I'll tell you too, chill out, be happy, have a good night dude.

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OK here is the deal Bent BOB.


I've been friends with Brad & Lawrence for MANY years. I'm pretty sure longer than you have been in this country. They know me as a friend, Not the grumpy old man you think I am. So when I piped in on the New Years day thing. It wasn't a rip on the fun at Brad's place. I was just sharing the fun I had that day.


If you can't take a joke stay the fuck out of the threads. Hell we might have become friends had you not come into every thread with a negative vibe.

I don't need negative people in my life. I have plenty of HAPPY people I call freinds. Including Datsunmike. And I've never even met him face to face.


( I enjoy small meetings like the guy who opened this thread has.)  Yeah at Brads place, And I call him a friend. And I'm sure he is fine with my comment. 

( The one who commented on someone elses fun was your bud.) Yeah that would be me. The happy grumpy ass old man. :fu: With friends world wide.


And I've earned my grumpy old man status.



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Read what others write first, before you retort at others as ussual.


What I wrote was not in response to anything but fact that I like smaller gatherings.


You could not take my comment as it was, and told me "I do not fit in"


Later on, just now, you make comments about how much time I am in this country.


You have a hell of a time showing how to get along.


Perhaps you are the one that does not fit in.


Have you seen at your gatherings how many Datsun enthusiasts are foreign, from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, and more places ?


You are not offending me, just turning on a flashlight, so you can see the ditch you are digging in for yourself.


Go around the Datsun fan base, telling them they "do not fit" in shows, and that they "have nor been in this country enough".


Like I told you before, be happy. Have a nice day. I do not care about little things like this.Just trying to help you chill out.


Happy New Year Dadrod. You are a funny guy after all.

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