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  1. Bentaxlebob

    JCCS 2014

    It was an ok show. Went there with some friends. Saw Matt's car (Barabuda) which was located in a nice spot all by itself. Nice car, rare indeed. Matt Barabuda, tell us about your car. I could not find you so I did not get to learn about it. How did you get it ? What is it specifically ? What part of Dan Diego do you live in? Do you go to any shows ? Too many modern cars, not my liking, I see those cars every day on streets, I go to this shows to see classic, real classics, like Matt's car !!!
  2. Nice wagon. Like the set up with black wheels and amber headlamps way more than the later silver wheels and white headlamps / tiny auxiliary lamp set up. Still same car. First set up looks pure sports, second set up is just not my style. Nice though
  3. Grass always seems greener on the other's side ! We are a weird species .
  4. 710 Sedan that kicks ass http://www.bosmobil.com/Modifikasi_Datsun_710_160JSSS__Balap_Adalah_Pilihan_Hidup-b-5176.html
  5. Perhaps you do not understand ... LOL
  6. Check all connections, battery, selenoid/starter, ground strap. Sometimes a bad connection makes that issue apparent. If all is fine, could be the ignition switch. If the ignition switch is going south, losing its juice, a relay conected in line fixes that issue, better and cheaper than getting a new ignition switch which will not be genuine Datsun part but some plastomomo made in china piece O'
  7. Looks sharp. Any more photos of this ride ?
  8. Those lamps are usefull. I'd leave them on.
  9. Hi. About the valance, the US valance 's lower bolt (center) is the lowest point on that valance. There is no metal on the sides of the bolt, everything is located above bolt.( all lower edge of valance seats above center bolt.) In the overseas valance, th bolt is level with bottom edge of valance. Seems overseas fenders are lower than US fenders at lower frontal section.(where it meets and matches overseas valance) Would be interesting to see the overseas fenders and the US valance at same time, on car I believe overseas fenders would run lower than US valance. Opposite thing would also show US fenders and overseas valance would not match. US fenders would fall short at meeting points, that is my impression.
  10. Bentaxlebob

    710 race car

    Excellent purchase.
  11. Noice work. 2 questions. 1) You used to live in the east coast right ? You drove your 710 all the way east didn't you ? 2) The foreign valance is lower (closer to ground) than US version right ? Fuller look.
  12. Sorry to hear this. Hope you get well soon. You are a fighter...this is just a bump on the road....see you soon !
  13. If price is right, enough orders, I'd like to order one. Cargo by ship / ocean would be cheap and in a single bundle many grilles could fit. Price could go down significantly.
  14. I like it. It would make a fun daily driver indeed. Not a fan of the Wrong Wheel Drive type but considering this is one of the very first WWD vehicles, I think first Datsun FWD in US, makes it a peace of history. About the similarity with a Subaru 4WD, i said it looks , and would look like, with minor suspension lift, but certainly will not perform as a 4WD Subaru. A friend of mine had one, it was a blast. So different it comands others to look at it. His had a fan on the engine compartment I think meant to cool off the manifold / carburetor area.
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