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Oy everyone... I didn't see an introduce yourself thing, so I figure I'd just throw it out there. For the not so quick, my name is Mike...M. I own a '72 510 4-door automatic pile of awesomeness, which I've actually owned over two years but have only just this past weekend drove it around reliably. I guess I'll go back two years... have never owned an import of any kind but having a soft spot for 510s, I managed to locate one and couldn't pass it up. It had been sitting for a minimum of four years filled with mice feces and that sort of jazz.


I got it running shortly thereafter, had some small amounts of fun with it considering the problems it had (no exhaust, shoots flames, gas tank leaked profusely, ran like garbage and none of the electrical worked correctly. Essentially a complete and utter hazard on the road, I put no more than 30 or so miles on it before it went to sleep again for awhile, but before I move on... when I did get it going then I was fooling around and made a video thats been on youtube for awhile... its uh, enjoyable, barely...




Anyway, last year I essentially did not touch the car. Earlier this year I acquired some cool bits... 280zx wheels/tires, plus front suspension. Although only a few weeks ago I got a serious itch to drive it courtesy of a random posting on a local info/forsale website about a Vintage Rice Meet taking place, which I would find out afterwards was put on by a member of Ratsun... while I tried like heck to get the car to the meet, I failed, but I still showed up and met some cool guys and got in touch with the the member on here.


After I missed the meet, I kept on the car... essentially I tackled everything that was a potential problem and hazard to make the car reliable to simply bomb around in it for fun... not a real build, just a big list of things to fix. I installed a carb from an 85 Nissan Pulsar, redid intake gaskets, redid exhaust (which is still hella loud because I got a free cherry bomb and side-piped it), fixed all the lighting and lots of electrical gremlins (one of the passed owners was dumb as nails, and a complete wiring hack), replaced front brake hoses, rear shoes, remade my gas tank filler neck so it stopped sloshing half my fuel out of the tank, and a good handful of other things. While I still have some tweaks to do, as of this past Saturday I've already put over a 100 miles on it without serious issues (still have a leaking wheel cylinder, and some carb tuning to sort out, and really should quiet down the exhaust).


Anyways, thats the story of me and my 510 to this point, although for me it is really a secondary project that I have a very insignificant budget for... my other toy car is an 1988 Dodge Lancer Shelby, a rather rarity and its been my toy for nearly 7 years, and its been built, painted, showed, vandalized, fixed, daily driven most summers, crashed, fixed, road tripped on trips as long as 5000KM, beat on and raced to a best of 12.4@113mph... not too shabby for an 8valve 4 cyl FWD :-)


I went out tonight to snap some photos, but it got darker than expected so many of my photos did not turn out... so most of them are crap. Enjoy everyone, threw some in of my Dodge as well (shameless plug).
























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The new Canadian has raised the bar. You can't officially get out of newbie status until you post a video of you screaming in terror at the failure or lack of some piece of safety equipment while driving.

That's how you introduce yourself!


Too many peoples first post is a sale nowadays


"Hiah gwuyz! I'm nehw! Imma sellin' my mom's virginity! Cheap!"

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I though canada imported all the cars? I know US has plants in Canada but they are still American cars.




:lol:Nope, we built the Bricklin... just like america, we know how to build a true

POS :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Welcome, merlin in BC here... need anything, i'm usually out to the Hat or there abouts once a year.

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Well I'm glad you all enjoyed the intro..... bwahha, I *just* looked at my new tag under my name, because I was going to make a comment on why it still said "Newbie" considering my grand entrance. Golden!


Just got inside from disassembling, cleaning and sorting the carb once again, will find out tomorrow if it cured my no idling problem, too noisy to run it at 11PM with an obnoxious exhaust note :) I had taken it to work today for the first time ever, got some good reviews... went over pretty well! All is goood.


For those of you admiring the straightness and body on my Dime... the previous owner whom I bought it from had never driven it, nor was he actually looking for a 510 when he found it... he couldn't pass it up due to how clean it was. He simply sat on it for 4 years until I picked it up from him so he could continue pursuing whatever Datto he was actually looking for (I can't even remember). The car does has the obvious front fender rust, rear quarter rust and some other very minor bits, otherwise it is clean... floors are great, and the actual structure is clean and awesome, no weird rust spots to report. Most the paint is original minus some previous repair/repaint on the passenger rear quarter, which looks awful and was done horribly! All of that simply makes it more of a Ratsun. When I originally had it going (as you can slightly tell at the very end of the video) the hood painted flat black by me already, unknown to me at the time that the original 510 rally cars were red four doors with a black hood... vaguely close to what I'd already done, hence why I also put the single fog light on at this time... Gran Turismo 5 taught me all that :-)


So, anyways, I at least waited till my third post for this, but erm, uh, auuugh........ FOR SALE: 2002 Lexus IS300 Metallic Silver, 5 speed, LSD, Escaine/Leather interior, lowered with some minor other toys. =D Ok ok, I'm not really here to sell that... but... you know, it is for sale still...


On to the Dodge Rampage comment... my buddy owns a couple, I've been into Turbo Dodges for almost 10 years so I've played with pretty much anything... even my sister had a 2 door Reliant with a 2.5 Turbo, sidepiped. :)


And to everyone, thanks for the welcome!

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FOR SALE: 2002 Lexus IS300 Metallic Silver, 5 speed, LSD, Escaine/Leather interior, lowered with some minor other toys. =D


In the Ratsun community, we take offers to sell very seriously. So any offer to sell is a binding deal; however, we also have a rule that states you max price can be no higher than your post count.


So, with the exchange rate, where would you like me to send your $2.91 USD to? I'll expect the title by the end of the following week, we'll arrange for transportation later. :D

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<br />In the Ratsun community, we take offers to sell very seriously.  So any offer to sell is a binding deal; however, we also have a rule that states you max price can be no higher than your post count.<br /><br />So, with the exchange rate, where would you like me to send your $2.91 USD to?  I'll expect the title by the end of the following week, we'll arrange for transportation later.  <img src='http://community.ratsun.net/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' /><br />
<br /><br /><br />


Ha ha i guess you haven't been watching exchange rates... Until last month, the canuck buck was beating the american peso by 2 to 5 cents... Looks like it will go there again by friday. Time to buy more cheap american datto parts.

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Guest kamakazi620

Radio (Tyler) would be the one I was speaking of in my post - so yup, he's the one that told me I should join up, instead of just lurking a bit like I did two years ago!

That dodge thing is GROSS BARRRRFFF!!!!! MOARWWWWWW of 510!!!!!! btw WELCOME!!!!!

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