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Remembering Paul

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With the message from Paul's sister, it felt like a respectful time to close the other thread. We watched his struggle from afar, and that was largely the content of that thread. Let's make this one about remembering him, or expressing our sorrows and condolences. We'll keep it open for as long as it seems appropriate.

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

May you rest in peace Paul,

May your love for your family and friends and your Datsuns , Be with all for Eternity.


Farewell my fellow Datsun friend.





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I got the chance to meet paul.Once he came over and took a load of datto parts off my hands.The kicker there was that he had to take like 12 tires too.We blabbered on about dattos for about an hour.The other occasion was at Teds house at the first POTD.His 521 had an unexpected tranny failure so he had to get a tow dolly to get it to Teds.We all went on for hours that day.I liked Paul alot.Not that many of you here are not great people but Paul had a way about him that any one would like.He seemed to be a generally happy person with much love for his family and like most of us,very passionate about Datsuns.Rest in peace.



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That's actually TerriLynn on the left pointing and Paul is in the one in grey, untucked shirt with his back to us. I've got some pics from that bbq too.


I'm glad Thomas started this thread and linked them to each other. Along with the condolences, I think this would be a good place for pics, memories, stories of the Paul we knew. He was certainly had a way about him that made him easy to talk to. TerriLynn is the same way. It's too bad they never made it to a Canby event. We'll have to figure out a way to get one or two of his boys down to it...and/or Blue Lake this year.

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although i only knew him from here on ratsun,to me he sounds like a heck of a friend, and family man....Lord Jesus hold him to your chest and take care of our datto brother, let him have the truck of his dreams, and drive it daily, soon may we all meet together in your kingdom, and do what we do best.. ratsuns...farewell and GOD bless you and your family PAUL...ALL MY RESPECT, AND MY PRAYERS FOR U ALL HERE ON RATSUN... tom

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I'm posting these pic's here as well. I can't seem to locate any other pic's although I know I had some at one time...


Meeting up in Tacoma to head down to Tulatin




Heading to Tulatin for the BBQ at 808's place




Parked out front, Pauls parked in the front corner





I have some parts I was holding onto for him for this truck. Hopefully, I can get them to his sons.

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Wow, this was unexpected... I remember the thread about him in the hospital, but I didn't know it was that serious. Kinda puts things in perspective. I always like to think that people are happier after they die... in some sort of better place.

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This is the thread I was hoping would never come, but knew it would.

I never met Paul in person, but like everyone here I thought of him as a mate.

I may be Dattoless, but I'm richer for knowing Paul even for a short time.

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I went to Pauls house to buy the fuse box for my 521. He showed me his 521.He laughed as he pointed to the back bumpers which he had to paint it PURPLE because he had lost a bet to a family member. And 2-320s that he was to rebuild for his son. He was really a true "Datsuneer". I had a great time talking with him. "Rest In Peace". My prayers to the family as well.John

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