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  1. yoursurfer

    520 Find

    1968 Datsun 520, been sitting a while, needs brakes and carb rebuild, pedals sponge and one cylinder leaking, starts and idles, when give gas dies.
  2. yoursurfer

    520 Carb

    Time Left: 5 days and 6 hours

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    Anyone have a good 520 rebuildable carb, I have a carb but missing the accelerator pump lever and retainer, anyone know where get a kit for these?


  3. Is this for window rubbers or the fire wall rubber, I need 320 went and door rubbers?
  4. Time Left: 4 days and 42 minutes

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    Looking for 320 parts Need brake parts and rear bumper brackets


  5. firsy generation 240Z hubcaps, with Z logo, decent shape no bends, some fading 50.00
  6. yes still have the truck

  7. bump, 250.00 takes it with a clear title
  8. Complete minus motor, trans and windshield, good front and rear bumpers, nice bed and fenders, set of matching wheel and center caps, clear texas title 300.00ursurfer/DSCF2991.jpg[/img]
  9. they are early 240Z hubcaps, would trade for dog dish caps
  10. Not sure if 74 or 76, bought this truck 2 years ago as a project, complete with nice body no rust, rebuilt carb and tunned up, started right up, carb kept getting dirty from tank, now has been sitting 2 years, number 4 spark plug cross threaded. No title bill of sale, ran vin clear title, will need to obtain a bonded title 400.00 thats what I paid for it, its worth more than that in parts
  11. It does not drive will start and die, weber carb needs rebuilding I assume, it does have a nOS headliner in trunk, good glass, missing original air cleaner
  12. thanks all for the guidance
  13. yoursurfer

    510 $ door

    I found this 1970 510 4 door, runs but needs carb rebuild, decent body except roof, interior intact, buckets replaced with honda buckets, roof damage guy wants 1000, is it worth it
  14. Anyone near Texas have a good windshield?
  15. I got a 1974 Lil Hustler, been sitting a few years no title but ran the fine and its clear, even has factory console
  16. rims look to be 6 inches wide
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