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620 dealer chrome kit and custom L20 valve cover

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Original (OEM and NOS) never mounted 620 front bumper with factory option "push bar" and brand new bumper mount brackets. The bumper also has the little rubber corner gaskets attached that fit around the leading edge of the front fender. The chrome bars you see in the back of the pic are the factory option chrome bed rails, not pictured are the factory chrome bed steps that Ive got in my storage shed (if theres interest Ill dig them out and take pics... they are also in new condition)


$500 for all, wont separate.





Aftermarket L series valve/rocker arm cover, the closest Ive seen to this is the Tomei one for the Z cars which fetched damn near $2000 on Ebay. You will definately be the only kid on the block with one of these :cool:







Prices are firm, about the only thing Id contemplate a trade for would be a full wrap kit and visor from Steroid or some NICE JDM wheels for my 510

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One thing about the valve cover, you WILL have to notch your motor mounts to get it to fit under your hood if youre running an L20/LZ. It might fit an L16/18 but no guarantees. Ive got a finned downdraft weber aircleaner that looks good with it too... Ill have to dig around to get a pic of it.


Thank God the internet is bigger than Eagle Rock. If it doesnt sell Im cool with hanging it back on my wall o' nifty shit in the garage.

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Damn mike, whos cheerios did you piss in that they keep neg reping you? I like the valve cover but I dont have the funds like that ATM. GLWS



Fixed for now, I just plussed him back up to zero! :cool:


I know who it was but the mod tools can't tell me why. I would guess the prices are too high for him.

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. Ive got a finned downdraft weber aircleaner that looks good with it too... Ill have to dig around to get a pic of it.


Is this said air cleaner for sale as well? If so, could you give me a price shipped to 97352?

I would REALLY like to see a pic.

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The air cleaner is the one that downshifter was selling a while back, its just a no name finned aircleaner with a cast base... I have no idea the age of it but it reminds me of an old moon piece for chevs or Vdubs. Ill try and snap a pic of it tomorrow. Im hoping to keep it with the valve cover because they go pretty well together.


As for fitment of the VC on a 521 I dont know, but I would be surprised if you did NOT have to do some sort of modification to the motor mounts... Id say if you cant run a tall weber aircleaner then you definately cant run the VC without mods.


Im open to offers on the valve cover but seriously, if theyre too low, the thing looks bad ass on the wall with the rest of my collection...


As far as the neg reps go, I havent gotten any PMS so its either in this for sale thread or my other one with a bunch of random stuff. Im a bit of a smartass and/or sarcastic in person and what I think is funny doesnt always carry over in typed messages... Oh well... lifes short and its the damn internet. Thanks for the positive reps though, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :lol:

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Mike, after looking back through, it was I who gave you the neg reps. I however was trying to give you positive, and fat fingered my stupid touch screen not one but twice.....you have some amazing rare 620 stuffs! Sorry about that.......I am very embarassed about it :(

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