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  1. Down for a road trip? Nothing is set in stone but I may be selling my wagon to a guy in portland and trailering it down there Canby weekend. Figured Id hit up Canby and could play support rig along the way.
  2. mike

    Fj40 axles

    40 axles are plenty strong... Don't know what engine/trans/t-case you plan on running but the rear diff is offset to match the front, its not centered... unless its a really early one. Cruiser t-cases are tough as nails, and if you're running a gm/dodge/ford drivetrain that will take a 203 t-case you can make a pretty cheap doubler with an early 3 speed cruiser t-case... I forget the years (before 73) its the one with straight cut gears. If the cruiser axles are drum brakes you're going to probably end up spending more converting them to disk and figuring out your drivetrain issues than if you were to just get a set of 44s from a scout or some yota mini truck axles. Id go yota mini truck myself just because of the ease of gear swaps/setup...
  3. mike

    72 to 73 620 and up brake booster upgrade?

    Are the early ones the same as the B210 boosters or are the 210 smaller yet? FYI, The booster on my 74 and my brothers 72 look identical... It seems like there was a difference in the booster mounting between early and late 620s but I think it was just splined bolts on the adapter plate and all the dimensions were otherwise the same.
  4. mike

    Will a 1978 dash and engine bay wire harness work in a 74 620

    If you use the 78 dash wiring and the 78 engine bay wiring harness... yes, it will work and if done right would actually be an upgrade. Make sure to use the later fuse block from the 78 though as they are different. Also, check the chassis harness for the taillights and stuff... I think they are the same but its been a while. 74 is an oddball year for electrical. Before you install the harness, soak every connection in vinegar and when you install it make damn sure that you've got everything grounded well and have a good fusible link from the battery. If you are doing the 74 dash harness with the 78 engine harness, I have no idea and wouldn't even try... but that doesn't necessarily mean that you shouldn't ;) If you look in the FAQ under general discussion here on Ratsun you will find wiring diagrams and FSMs for most 620s so that you can see what differences there were between the years. As far as dash clusters/guages and heater controls, they are interchangeable with any year 620.
  5. 6 x 1.25 I think for the fender bolts. Go to a junkyard and rape a honda (I know the early 90s accords work for a sure) for the fender bolts and stuff. Some of them are anodized and they are better quality than most of the crap at the hardware store. Also, on the fender wells, lower rocker molding and such there are two piece plastic screw/grommet things and they are awesome for attaching interior panels and stuff. They look nice too.
  6. mike

    help!!! 1973 Datsun 620

    …Could have dropped a valve seat as well. Adjust your valves and if that doesn't sort it out do a compression test.
  7. mike

    Startup of what I haven't done last summer

    Never seen or heard of those BAJA decals on the door, do you know if it came with any other options stock than a standard 620?
  8. mike

    73 620 new knees

    Napa has them, they are sold individually so you need to buy/order 4 of them. Ask the parts guy to look at the pic that pops up on the screen when you get them to make sure they are the right parts. I think rockauto.com has them as well but you will have to pay shipping.
  9. Awesome :) If he had a Datsun deck in there Ive got a stock 620 one floating around he can have.
  10. Hey got your text... This is fucked. I'll keep my eyes peeled and put the word out. That box in the bed is pretty damn unique as far as ID goes. Just out of curiosity, I wonder if there is any correlation between this going missing and a relatively solid but needing work 521 popping up on CL.
  11. ^^^ Dude needs to put the dogleg pattern on the save the stick shirt; Cool regardless though :thumbup:
  12. mike

    1972 Goon valve adjustment, still clicking

    Check your fuel pump... Also, double check your valves and see if they stay in spec. A noisy fuel pump will sound like valve train noise and if your valves are out of spec you might have a bad seat on one of your valves. Was your oil really thin and did it smell like gas when you drained it? If youve got a factory timing gear, it is fairly easy to check if your chain is still in spec. If it is stretched it can cause a bit of a racket when it hits the timing cover.
  13. mike

    little/no steering response after some hard driving

    ...Is it in the steering column?
  14. mike

    little/no steering response after some hard driving

    LCA bushings, lugnuts, top strut housing, have you adjusted your steering box... is there any adjustment left? Also... check your lug nuts and make sure they are the correct style for your wheel. If your idler arm is toast it will cause some problems but 90 degrees play in both directions seems excessive for just that...

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