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  1. Do the manual locks still work with these installed?
  2. Ahhhhh, makes sense! The only point of flares I've ever seen is so you could fit wider wheels, by cutting the stock fender lip off and replacing them with the aftermarket flares.
  3. How would this add clearance? Considering the stock fenders are still where they used to be...
  4. These came on my new truck, and I came on them
  5. justin 620

    More power!

    I put the 3.54 pumpkin from a hardbody, which widened all the gears. First became more useful, and gave my 4 speed the legs of a 5 speed.
  6. Somebody stole more then half of the bulbs from the back of my truck. There are some stinngy bastards out there...
  7. I remember hearing that older vehicles don't have to pass smog somewhere on this forum. If that's true, how old would they have to be?
  8. I have a set of 6 lug wheels and tries off my 620, there is some surface rust of the caps, but the rims are pretty clean. The tires have about 80% on the front, and 70% on the rears. I'm asking $250 for the full set. The fronts are 195/75/r14 and the rears are 245/60/r14 I'll post close ups tomorrow when I can, pm me if interested, and thank you for looking!
  9. I have an Optima Redtop, and love it.
  10. justin 620

    New one

    Great, thank you for the info
  11. justin 620

    New one

    With this style oil pan, do you still need to modify the middle steering connecting arm?
  12. justin 620

    New one

    That clears it up! Do you have a picture of the cross-member clearance?
  13. justin 620

    New one

    Does your motor have a front, or rear oil sump?
  14. Just curious, how much does that way relative to the stock bed?
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