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  1. Thanks buddy... She's been a lot of fun
  2. Checked today... Couldn't find any dirt. Later Joel
  3. I'm pretty pumped on these... Can't wait for them to ship!
  4. Shit that was horrible ^^^ :(
  5. Kickin it in Manhattan Beach, be there bright and early in the morning...
  6. Driving to the airport shortly...
  7. Can't wait... Although I think my shit is the one holding things up :D
  8. Vacuum formed abs... Not a horrible difficult thing to do really.
  9. Just Joel


    The truck is a minor foot note in a rather confusing story about a wagon ^^^^ What about the pinion bumper under the center transmission hump... Did you remove or cut this down? Interference with the input flange? Sounds like your rubbing somewhere...
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