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  1. Thanks buddy... She's been a lot of fun
  2. Checked today... Couldn't find any dirt. Later Joel
  3. I'm pretty pumped on these... Can't wait for them to ship!
  4. Just Joel

    JCCS 2015

    Shit that was horrible ^^^ :(
  5. Just Joel

    JCCS 2015

    Kickin it in Manhattan Beach, be there bright and early in the morning...
  6. Just Joel

    JCCS 2015

    Driving to the airport shortly...
  7. Can't wait... Although I think my shit is the one holding things up :D
  8. Vacuum formed abs... Not a horrible difficult thing to do really.
  9. Just Joel


    lol... This ^^^^
  10. Just Joel


    The truck is a minor foot note in a rather confusing story about a wagon ^^^^ What about the pinion bumper under the center transmission hump... Did you remove or cut this down? Interference with the input flange? Sounds like your rubbing somewhere...
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