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  1. Now that I got the house refinanced, work is calmed down and I figured out I'm not transgender, I'm working on the Datto again.

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      all true but the last one, you sure about that Portagee.

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      nismo dr

      no shame, we are you friends

  2. Next big project. Finishing up the rear and then moving up front when I get everything assembled. Soon.
  3. This alone dictates ban.
  4. This was really good until I saw the Seachicken flag :) Beautiful. This is what raises market value.
  5. VW Rabbit or Honda Civic Radiator. If it doesn't fit with the fan, take off the fan and run either slim electric or move to push fans and put them in front of the radiator. I removed my clutch fan from my 22RE and run a Nissan Quest 2 speed electric fan with a Volvo 2-speed relay with BMW two temp sensor. Works like a champ. Also, change your themostat to the two-stage version. Another great mod for cheap. While the 22R is out, remove the front timing cover and replace the plastic chain guides with metal or you will be hating life later. I promise you. Might as well do the timing chain as
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      Have you asked Jen if she'll send you one? If she won't-PM me. I'll oblige.

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      Coolio. I'll ask but currently she's posting no. I'll PM you if not...

    3. skyblue


      i could be your plan c.

  6. Still playing with them Mike. They fit for sure, just got to final install them. I'll finish the rear end then move to the front. I am most likely going to install a pan hard rod in the rear for a little added benefit too but the frame is so flimsy that I may need to reinforce and triangulate.
  7. :) Let me speak real s l o o w Mike.....m a k e i t f o r m e p l e a s e . Yeah, I've done that whole reweld the the forward perch thing on a D21. That truck has to have the worst leaf perches ever. I do currently have 2-piece. Just got me a 1 piece. Getting ready to soak it down and replace the universals. Anyone need a NOS carrier bearing and vintage universal for a 2-piece LOL.
  8. INFORMATIONAL POST FOR BELLTECH LEAF SPRING CONVERSION This worked one mine, so don't be whiney with me if it doesn't work for yours. Necessary Parts: (2x) Belltech Leaf Springs 5974 D21 HB: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/bel-5974/overview/make/nissan/model/d21 (1x) Whiteline Upper Rear Shackle Bushing W73252: http://www.whitelinesuspensionparts.com/proddetail.asp?prod=W73252 (2x) New Bolt, nut, flat washer and lock washer TBD [still investigating this option] Optional Parts: (2x) Universal Adjustable Lowering Blocks 1.5" to 3": http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Adjustable-Lower
  9. Well,well, well. Looky what I spy? #oldskoolvwsproblems LOL. Solved.
  10. I think so. Get hot Mister. Actually, I think if the blocks were solid, you could drill and tap holes so that you could make the pin points adjustable.
  11. Updated in base thread for the answers: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/48968-oldskools-521-threadthe-mad-idiots-journal/page-28?do=findComment&comment=1255267
  12. The bushings that come with the springs fit the rear shackle bolt. Would recommend getting new rear uppers from whiteline (http://www.whitelinesuspensionparts.com/proddetail.asp?prod=W73252). The fronts however, looking for solutions. Right now best looks to be to use the bushings that came with the springs and change the bolt to a 10.9 14mm or 16mm. I think its actually 5/8"x5" but will experiment. Right now I just have the bolt in through the bushing loose to get it back on the ground. Will find out this week. Looking at the axle, not to bad with the 2" push back. Not sure if I like
  13. Back....2". Does not matter which way they go in. It's centered so 2" back it is. Not sure its an actual 2" but in theory it is. The thrust lines remain the same so the only concern is enough yoke in the drive shaft. When you remove leafs like I did, in theory the arc angle goes back as as the shackles are in the back, I'm just not sure how much. This is because the springs go flat. The biggest I difference I notice right now is that with the OEM springs with packs removed the truck was like a basketball, you could bounce the back end up and down full stroke of the shocks by pushing down e
  14. Alright, FOR THE RECORD, THE BELLTECH 720 / HB SPRINGS FIT. It didn't come without hardships but here it is. Sketchy before, test only: Stiff after. Hardship #1: The centering pin is dead center between the eye's on the Belltech's, off-set on the stock 521. The end result is that your rear end will need to go back roughly 2" once you install the leaf. Hardship #2: Because you need to move the axle back, the handbrake lines need to be removed from the rear keepers. More later, I'm tired.
  15. It is. Its the 3/8". Absolutely love it. Lost without it now.
  16. Hmmm, not so bad. Lets get some measurements.
  17. Seems like today would be a perfect day to revisit the BellTech Leaf spring project. Lets pull her out and see what we can do. Need to find them damn whiteline bushings I bought. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/54215-au-rite-e-weve-talked-about-torsion-time-for-leafs/ Update later depending on how much progress I make :)
  18. Oh he's going to kill me LOL!
  19. A 1975 MK1 VW Scirocco is a holy grail in California because of it's first year provisions (double wipers, aluminum emblems and sills, etc). But more importantly, it is the only Scirocco that is smog exempt. This alone drives the price of the car through the roof (yes, I have one). I drove from NorCal to Arizona via the I-10 to pick up another for a buddy. Its that worth it. In that market, the asking rate can exceed $6K-$10K depending on condition. For all 76 and above the price goes down incrementally. But many have stated exactly the issue; supply, demand (and trend). Always falls to th
  20. In order for the aftermarket to exist, there has to be a demand. Unless someone is hardcore, most businesses / enthusiasts will not foot the $10K+ it takes in capital for one part. As an example, about 4 years ago I approached Randy from Vintage Rubber through a mutual friend. I asked about him looking at repopping the 521 vent seals. He looked into it and the dies would be handmade from an oldskool dude however the costs were high. I think he stated something like $15K. He would have to sell 50 sets at $300 to break even. I told him the supply was there but he was not willing to risk the capi
  21. It all depends on collectability. IMO 510's will not see 50's-60's VW beetle prices. The aftermarket for the Type1 is wicked. The WORLDWIDE demand is huge. You can practically build an entire car off of repop parts. The aftermarket for 510's and many other Datsuns is minimal and that's why they are dying out over time. The 240 is a whole other story. Just like a 23 window Kombi. Think the record is $235K, but I heard it was beat at $285K recently. My mom had one in my early years. Picked up for $2500 used. She used to also have an original FJ, picked up for $4K. Jay Leno did wonders for the 51
  22. Black = 12V- Ground Blue = 12V+ Constant Red / Blue = Headlight 12V+ In the configuration I want, I'll likely just make myself a new pigtail utilizing the same style bullet connectors and clear heat shrink si I can plug into factory locations. Might have to solder a connection on the headlight switch and increase fuse sizes. Because I have the 520 dash, I don't the ink the factory hole layout is correct. I'll probably split my hazards and cigarette lighter for symmetry.
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